Best Knowledge Management Practices

Knowmax is a multi disciplinary knowledge creation and management software with a global approach providing solutions pan industries. Each industry is a unique identity in itself and requires special care with due diligence and expert assistance. Knowmax honors industrial norms and continues to challenge the existing norms for operational excellency.

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Empower Subscribers & Agents with Telecom & Broadband Ready Content To Drive Self-Service & Reduce Support Costs

  1. Ready Repository Of 18,000+ Devices
  2. Decision Trees, Visual Guides & Knowledge Management
  3. AR Support with Co-Browsing & Remote Assistance
  4. Telecom Ready Chatbot & Self Service Portfolio
  5. Solutions For IoT, 5G & Smart Home Solutions

Banking & Finance

With tons of information of different sorts including policies, loan schemes, interest fluctuations, credit card offers, and more; it becomes vital to have a unified source of information. A banking knowledge management platform allows you to update all this information in a secured repository and making it readily available for agents at contact centers as well as customers on your self service channels.


Knowledge management sets new bars for conventional and new age insurtech companies. With complex policies around claims, premiums & cover; a knowledge management system for insurance helps your agents to reduce errors while speaking with customers, and turns transactional calls into engaging conversations. Customers get peace of mind with complete visibility on digital channels such as mobile app, support portal of website, and conversational platforms like chatbots & WhatsApp


With rising competition across various sectors in the e-commerce industry, making customer experience the key differentiator. A knowledge management platform helps in maintaining a unified information repository of different processes related to shipping, returns, item inquiry, and more. Making it the single source of truth; enabling support agents with finding the right information at the right time to resolve customer queries.

Media & ISPs

Customer experience is a competitive differentiator when consumers are looking for an internet provider. With a large audience to cater to; each consumer sect having their own demands along with the ever-evolving technology, it is inevitable for any organization to be dependent on the knowledge management system.


Healthcare is by far one of the most complicated industries when it comes to managing contact centers. Patients & customers have queries related to policies, tests, insurance, patient details, and more. For supporting such a vast and complex range of operations, knowledge, and content management are essential. Easy findability of information helps support agents to resolve customer queries. Enable proactive engagements with customers within the self-service app and website for details related to renewals, and equip your support portal with relevant information to drive self service for customers.


When speaking of travelling, the mention of comfort not only concerns innovation but also delivering satisfaction to the consumers. Delivering spotless service is ensured by the organization by winning better CX scores. The key to do the same is to stay connected, available, and reachable 24×7, over all platforms. A good knowledge management system uses various modules to create and distribute knowledge both to the customer support executives and the end consumers as well.


Automotive industry is one of the most competitive industries. A good knowledge management platform helps support teams for after sales services and enables your distributed sales teams with all information required for customer queries. Our knowledge platform enables you to create visually guided workflows for next best action to queries, and allows you to create a repository of all documents. Curate information and disseminate to users, making it easy to find at the right channel at the right time.


Government department and public sectors need to communicate to public about various details related to schemes, policies & implementations. While operating at a regional or a national level the number of team members involved is vast too. Thus, a good knowledge management platform helps in uniform delivery of information. Information accuracy is key here and it’s important that SOPs & compliances are adhered to at all times. Maintain a single source of truth with hierarchy based access of information to different users across department and drive customer education via website portals, mobile app & more.


Utilities usually create their own demand but face stiff competition from a multiplicity of organizations operating in the same field. Factors like CX and C-SAT act as a key differentiator towards heightened sales and profit figures. It is thus necessary for you to not only keep connected to your customers but also keep them updated and satisfied. Knowledge base in the utility industry is enormous going by the volume of utilities and their consumers. All such knowledge should be timely updated and stored in the cloud repositories thus making it available for dissemination through all touch-points in a consistent manner. A robust knowledge management system is required for the same.