User Management

Define roles, add users, assign tasks and select designation. Enable or disable authorization for particular users. Allow users with concerned credentials to access their role related duties. Validate user assignments by keeping check on task destination and its performers.

  • Create, edit, remove authors
  • Administrator roles
  • User access responsibilities
User Management

Add User

With a great understanding of query management and operational task efficiency, knowmax provides the flexibility to create or add users suitable to their department. Enable authorization for who can access, update or restrict information. Track and monitor user activity through cloud based platform and make cohesive alignment of users to remove silos. Expand the potential of content activities while granting authority to task managers, admins, quality analysts and executives at other levels to work through knowledge guides.


Work cross-functionally with seamlessly curated tabs and user friendly interface. Allow every department to perform tasks in accordance with their respective requirements through tools to view, edit, manage, archive and delete information for better content usage. Never let users to be confused because of several departmental activities. Ensure the departments are classified for users to provide resolutions effortlessly and no chaos would occur over user management issues.


Choose the designation for user under the department section with the option to describe it shortly. Set the status to active and inactive as per user’s task demands. Categorize user activity with as many designations such administrator, sales and more to seamlessly manage every assigned task. Map entire user journey with specific designation criteria and give users the independence to work productively.

Role & Users

Allotment of rights becomes easier along with departments segregated in categories. When users know their roles, rights and operational task duties, they can understand well and act coordinately. Make changes for task dependency and update roles whenever needed. Mark users in sub-divisions of various sectors across organization. Stabilize the volume of content that end users utilize through segmenting duties of each. Ensure the users act as per their roles and execute commands in fewer clicks quickly.

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