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Knowmax has a nerve for contact centers and provides expert solutions to agents while Zingtree believes in serving knowledge through decision trees. Knowledge circulation takes place both internally and externally for an organization. It is inevitably essential for the distributors of knowledge to know affordable means of controlling data circulation in a manner that helps enhance knowledge and reach and strengthens the quality of resources using tools like AI chatbots and visual guides instead of standing on a single leg with guided workflows.

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Difference between Knowmax & Zingtree decision trees



Intuitive knowledge

Knowmax offers creative knowledge through visual how to guides. Solution can easily be distributed through pictures both via agent assistance or self service platforms.

Zingtree’s knowledge base stands in absence of a visual presentation of knowledge thus making the information presented repeated, similar, and delayed in hour of need.

Agent training

Agents require proper training and it should be exclusively in accordance with the product and process. Knowmax prepares not just lessons but divides it by coaches too.

Zingtree provides agent knowledge but general information pooled together is never as good as specifics. It would never make the agents specific and correct to point thus discouraging apt solutions.

Agent efficiency

Testing agents to know their stand and to groom them better knowing field of expertise is facilitated in depth through Knowmax’s QMS broken into batches and tests.

Zingtree trains agents but the absence of paying attention to intricacies directly points their inability to provide expert advice to callers on complicated queries leaving them unsatisfied.

Organizational knowledge

Procurement of knowledge is wasteful if the information is not organized properly enough to be made available at all times in preferred formats and at correct destination.

Knowledge is created every second thus standing in need of quick assessment and documentation. In absence of DMS, Zingtree cannot provide good knowledge assistance.

Feedback mechanism

Whenever information is circulated as documents or analysis, it is must for authors to know knowledge efficiency. Rate and comment feature helps users express the same.

Absence of rate and comment feature makes knowledge circulated feels like an order imposed with no liberty on part of users thus making them want to look for alternatives.

Pervasive integration

Your customers can contact you at any place which makes it essential for agents to be able to pick queries from any platform and raise tickets, giving solution there itself.

Zingtree lacks pervasive integration. A major setback is that common platforms like SMS and mails too remain isolated from regular agent & customer communication.


Knowmax enables automated updates through bots and also on updated knowledge base. This internal and external coverage keeps all parties connected & informed.

When you do not notify your customers about a recent policy or to your team about a recent development, it can be summed as nothing but organizational hazard & connectivity setback.

Schedule posts

With Knowmax, you can create knowledge in advance and schedule it for automatic publishing. You can even provide time bracket to take knowledge live or limit its publish time.

Even if you create your knowledge base in advance, your system shall be occupied as you have to save it and then manually publish at exact date and time when it’s to go live.

Reasons for Knowmax’s superiority over Zingtree

Our modules

Knowledge Base

The superior knowledge base created and allotted with the aid of using Knowmax acts as a single repository of all organizational understanding. The facts may be created, stored, and allotted in any record format. You also can add documents and diverse media files.

Visual how-to Guides

It’s the visual help that supports agents while dealing with complicated queries. Picture guides guarantee ease of solution for customers via quicker resolutions through snapshots as a compact solution. Ready 18k+ devices repository for better customer service.

Articles and FAQs

Knowledge base is usually created in long form and full pagers which are difficult to read through and manually scan important information. Knowmax however uses elastic search for narrowed results while elongated documents help with improving in-depth agent knowledge.

Augmented Reality

long gone are the times while physical presence of experts was known as near supervision and guidance. With smartphones, co-browsing, and AI sensing cameras, it will become plenty less difficult to display solution through screen sharing with remote access of client’s system.

Corporate training

Knowmax conducts ordinary exams of agents in the course of training to recognize approximately their knowledge of processes’ product and organization. Circulating articles and media associated with managing queries and soft skills are useful in bridging communication gaps.

Decision Trees

This streamlined technical process for agents has a step by step intuitive workflow. Using robotic process automation, a cognitive decision tree is created to help them navigate to solutions. Knowmax serves 15M+ hits with knowledge trees over self service channels.

Customer touchpoints

Contact center

Contact center agents have time and quality both bound at once. To recognize a caller, apprehend the problem, use tender skills, and wrap up the question with technical support over a single platform to reduce the time wasted in leaping through websites and softwares is well supported over Knowmax.


Field specialists are special requirement for personal visits. Such requests are usually for training, repair, or installation. The proceedings that require such physical guidance generally tend to be impatient on part of clients. With Knowmax, each issue is solved out as soon as possible thus improving FTR.

Mobile App

As soon as user encounters a trouble; first thought they have is call center support agents. If your organization uses an app based operation, it is best to provide self-service at same place thereby helping the customer avoid pains of multiple channel switches and long call center tones.


Website for any organization is the first impression it gives. Apart from being just a pretty view, it must also be the solution giver. Once your own website’s solution page appears on SERP, it becomes easy and trustworthy for the consumer to be there and get the solution state achieved.


Chatbots are a smart as well as financially secure. An organization can earn great C-SAT insights and ornamented NPS scores by using chatbots as an interactive tool to integrate with any platform and be capable of disseminating consistent information at each touch-point.

Social Media

To reach out an organization where all its competitors and clients are watching makes it essential to provide quick and best solutions. Integrating knowledge base with social media making solution distribution easy and friendly thus improves communication metrics.


Least recognized and most needed is the need for knowledge management at pan-organizational levels in every braches and franchise establishment. Knowmax brings in all the details on a single platform accessible via cloud storage thus making sync of actions and coordination of communication fair better.


AI based intent

Any platform, any complaint; developing a ticket, and selecting key phrases from them is the chief function of automatic AI through a brief search. When an agent opens up a ticket, all relevant information is pre-aligned at the back end to be discussed soon with one simple click.

Ease of content creation

With Knowmax, creation of knowledge is no rocket science and can be carried out by anybody. Links, media, video, and all side attachments too can be easily put in. The steps are extremely easy to create workflows for all touchpoints, expanding the horizon of impact.


Digitization needs to be dealt with expertise of content and creativity. From launching digitally to controlling each step, Knowmax helps in migration as per demands maintaining brand’s tonality. It creates an interactive and solution-seeking platform open to all members.

Intense search

Organizations need effective and accurate operations on a single platform. Knowmax’s all-in-one-place knowledge management software aids contact center operations and supports dispersion channels. Agents are on-boarded, trained, oriented, tested, and put to process handling.

Interactive solutions

Interactive knowledge in form of decision trees and visual guides help agents to retain knowledge for longer and also improves appearance of self service platforms. While a query is raised, directly applicable information must be given to both agents and experts.

Easy communication

With straight and simple knowledge, each transaction between agents and customers is evaluated mending loopholes if any. Tools for knowledge creation abide by customer’s incentive and interest over self-service platforms while they provide easy UI to employees at firm.

Feedback Management

Knowmax allows all users of any information from knowledge base to rate the information and comment on it. Agents give feedback to knowledge creators along with QAs being able to deliver proper feedback on calls / chats with relevant knowledge articles.

Analytics & Reporting

Random call and chat sampling checks agent errors improving support staff's service levels. This indicates the key areas needed to be focused on. Knowledge of market and contact center’s competency to stand up to it helps strategic decision making on a real time basis.

Interlink Modules

Integrating decision tree or visual guides with long form articles or FAQs helps in easy circulation. Equip your agents with concrete knowledge base. From in-depth research through articles to quick wraps through visual guides, everything agents need is right under a single head.

Omnichannel CX

The content so created under Knowmax is backed by thorough research and detailing by product and content experts making the information qualified to be run over all platforms and accessible over all touch points. It provides credibility to content and gains trust of the users.

Contact Center aid

An organization needs efficiency and accuracy of operations all over a single platform a single platform. With Knowmax’s all-in-one-place knowledge management software and dispersion channels, agents are on-boarded, trained, oriented, tested, and put to work.

Easy integration

Knowmax helps from gathering knowledge to its funneling and processing into actionable insights. It changes face of knowledge facilitating its easy integration and smooth distribution over all touch points. A cloud repository can thus be created and managed easily.

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