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Knowmax is a single source of truth platform for creation, curation, and dissemination of knowledge to help the contact center workforce ease their operations thereby improving results on key metrics. A contact center operation faces the difficulty of providing large scale customer support with little ROI and huge investment bills. To clear this marginal profit, a concrete and updated platform like Knowmax stands as a single user friendly touch point for the same as against Zendesk knowledge base guide.

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Why Knowmax knowledge base is a winner as against Zendesk knowledge base guide?


Zendesk Guide

Augmented reality

-AR deployment
To stand close to your customers is to have their back at any time from any place. Knowmax deploys augmented reality in its service desk to aid installation, training, and repairs.
+Industrial application
All industries and all users need some help with set up and configuration for which co -browsing is far better than keeping a standing army of field executives.
-Video access
A simple video access to the client’s screen may not help any more than a video call with some added circles and arrows. A customer could do that with a video too.
+Guidance needed
The thing missed is a smooth guidance and uninterrupted expert supervision to come though the problem to a concrete solution.

Agent support

-360° support
From LMS, QMS, to DMS, and CMS, Knowmax is a single stop for all organizations to lay foundation for a concrete customer support delivering all at once.
+Revolves around agents
Right from shortlisting to onboarding, the agents are trained on their individual processes to specialization in each particular domain thus achieving higher customer experience at call center.
-Incomplete support
Overlooking contact center agent support as the first pillar of a great customer experience can be very costly to organizations that derive incentives from customer satisfaction.
+Lack of specialization
Zendesk does not support as detailed a training structure as Knowmax does thus failing to train the agents beyond work to absolute specialization in each particular domain of processes.

Omni channel

-All touch points
The services of customer support can be asked for by the users over any platform at any point of the day which is why their presence over each touch-points matters utmost.
+User support
The organization should, at any given point of time be ready to relieve a user from doubts in a firm and confident manner backed up with accuracy and consistency of solutions.
-Abrupt support
Zendesk Guide does not provide a smooth omni channel service for its customers thus making solution achievement against problems raised a difficult task. It lowers customer's trust in the organization.
+User churn
It obligates them to find a platform of your organization’s existence first and later pursue the problem. All this taken together triggers an immediate break off of the customers.

Self service

-Direct contact
Self service is a platform for the users to connect directly to the service support resolving problems on their own. This self-dependency builds trust & confidence in customers.
+Ticket deflection
The tickets on repeated and petty queries usually pile up so high that it interrupts an agent’s schedule and productivity chart all at the same time which makes it essential to have a smooth self service portal.
-Inaccuarte responses
The responses given by Zendesk Guide's self service platform are inaccurate & might lead a user to improper resolutions. This is highly risky as it turns down CX score.
+Lack of steady supervision
It is thus that a huge amount of supervision and care is required to make sure that the knowledge being circulated is consistent and accurately serves the purpose of the customer.

Knowledge base

-Complete knowledge
Knowledge base provided by Knowmax is a complete package of information from creation to distribution. It narrows down to product's features and specifications for concrete solutions.
+Accurate dissemination
Knowledge is created each second and needs to be classified, organized, and channelized from the right platform to the desired destination. This must be done within stipulated time for quick resolutions.
-Absence of knowledge base
Zendesk guide allows you to create knowledge and manage the same, but knowledge management is just a drop in the ocean of knowledge base thus both are unanimously required.
+Inaccurate dissemination
With Zendesk Guide the author has to create knowledge separately & figure the channels of distribution. It consumes more time and knowledge distribution is not user friendly.

Reasons for Knowmax's superiority over Zendesk knowledge base guide

Complete customer service suite

Knowledge Base

An advanced knowledge base is created and distributed by Knowmax. This complete and concise knowledge base acts as a single repository of all organizational knowledge. The information can be created, edited, stored, and distributed in any file format. You can also attach documents and insert or upload various media files and links.

Decision Trees

This streamlined process for support teams and customers has a step-by-step intuitive workflow. It allows users & departments to create guided workflows as per business needs. From resolving customer support tickets to streamlining communication within departments, a decision tree makes every operation a cakewalk.

Visual How-to Guides

It is the visual assistance that agents need while handling complex customer interactions. Picture guides ensures best for agents and users by allowing faster and efficient resolutions using images as a better tool as compared to words. Visual guides support resolutions for multiple devices like smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, etc.

Articles and FAQs

Over 90% of users would use an online knowledge base if it were made available. You can easily monitor words and phrases that users and support agents use. This not only alters but also improves navigation experience. Highest number of hits procured per keyword helps the organization to bid more and closely screen it.

Augmented Reality

Standing on verge of expiration, gone are the days when physical presence was referred to as close supervision and guidance. With smartphones, co-browsing, and AI sensing cameras, it becomes a lot easier to share screen by asking for access permission and thereby guide user towards self-help solutions live on-product.

Customer Service Training

Knowmax conducts regular assessments of agents during training to know about their understanding of processes’s product and organization. Circulating articles and videos related to call handling and soft skills are helpful in bridging communication gaps. Agents get hands on experience of using knowledge base.

Absolute omnichannel customer experience

Contact Center

A contact center agent works under maximum pressure of all. To know a caller, understand the problem, use soft skills, and wrap up the query all at once needs support in technical aspects over a single platform to cut the time wasted in jumping sites and softwares.


The field experts summon up to the client’s doorsteps winding up the complaints. The complaints that require such personal attention tend to have higher impatience on part of customers thus difficult to maintain the FTR which is all eased out with Knowmax’s knowledge management deck.

Mobile App

Integrate your self-service modules with your application. If your organization uses an app based operation, there is nothing like it to provide self-service at same place thereby helping the customer avoid pains of multiple channel switches thus enhancing customer experience.


Whenever a customer reaches out to you for solution; it is majorly through a Google search asking the way out of it. Once your own website’s solution page appears on SERP, it becomes easy and trustworthy for the consumer to be there and get the solution state achieved.


What if it was this chat itself that gave you great C-SAT insights and ornamented NPS scores? Use your chatbot as an interactive tool to integrate over any platform and be capable for disseminating consistent information at each touch-point.

Social Media

A platform named to show off your chiselled marketing skills now carries the onus to show off your business tactics by simply satisfying your consumers at the platform they might currently be using. Hitting the iron when hottest is the best after all.


Least recognized and most needed is the need for knowledge management is at pan-organizational levels in every braches and franchise establishment. Knowmax brings in all the details on a single platform accessible via cloud storage thus making sync of actions and coordination of communication fair better.

More reasons to switch from Zendesk Guide

AI based intent

Any platform, any complaint; creating a ticket and picking up keywords from them is what the system’s automated AI does followed by a quick search. So when an agent opens up a ticket, all relevant information is pre-aligned at the back end to be discussed soon with one simple click.

Ease of content creation

The tutorial mode and step guidance make content creation easy. The steps to creating a workflow are quick & simple as the creator has to start with a problem statement and write solutions to the same in option box further. It covers the problem from all possible angles.


To go digital & keep a tight foothold, it is essential to have experts keeping your back like Knowmax does at a lower cost. From launching you digitally to guiding each of your steps, Knowmax helps in entire content migration as per demands maintaining brand’s tonality.


Agents might have ‘Ctrl+F’ to search through pages but time taken to do so on each page is huge. Knowmax offers a Google like elastic search whereby all an agent needs to do is to type in relevant keywords and any information or knowledge related to them pops up.


Every customer needs quick solutions. While on a query raised, information must be given to both agents and experts in such a form that it is directly applicable instead of being understood first and then disseminated. Interactive guides help deliver smooth solutions.

Easy communication

With straight & simple presentation of knowledge, each transaction between agents and customers is evaluated thereby mending loopholes. Tools for knowledge creation abide by customer incentive & interest over self-service platforms while they provide ease of use to employees.

Feedback management

Two way feedback management system completes chain of communication & checks the knowledge being created and distributed. Agents give feedback to authors. These are then linked with learning management system (LMS) to ensure proper process health.

Analytics & reporting

Random sampling of calls and chats checks agent quality thus helping in improving service levels. It also indicates to the key areas to be focused on. Knowing the market and contact center’s competency to stand up to it helps strategic decision making on a real time basis.

Interlink modules

Equip your agents like never before with concrete knowledge base. From in-depth research through articles to quick wraps through visual guides, everything they need is right under a single head. You can link your complicated decision trees with visual guides for ease of communication.

Omnichannel CX

The content so created by Knowmax is backed by thorough research and detailing under supervision of product & content experts making the information qualified to be run over all platforms whether digital like website, app & chatbot, or assisted channels like contact centers & field services.

Contact center aid

An organization needs efficiency in a single platform for all operations. Over Knowmax’s all-in-one Saas for knowledge management and dispersion, agents are on-boarded, trained, & oriented. With ready to use knowledge, self-service portal gives CSAT a rise.

Easy integration

Agents over CRM have to receive a complaint, create ticket on ticketing system, move to knowledge base and find solution for the same. The time saved by doing all of it collectively over a single platform instead of switching softwares is what Knowmax derives its expertise from.

Knowledge migration is easy with Knowmax

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