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Knowmax is a solitary platform of truth stage for creation, curation, and spread of knowledge enabling the agents to focus their activities on technically involving issues. A contact center faces the trouble of furnishing enormous scope with apt client service against meager profits. To attain better benefits, a solid and refreshed stage like Knowmax remains as a single way out for corporate excellence and improved customer engagement.

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Differences between Knowmax and Salesforce knowledge base



Salesforce KB

Primary structure

-Knowledge Management
Knowmax is primarily a knowledge management platform and a pioneer in fields like CRM, DMS, QMS, LMS, agent training, knowledge creation and distribution all at the same time. An organization thus not only finds every service from over a single point of contact.
Salesforce is primarily a CRM platform thus a SaaS providing cloud and knowledge services besides CRM. Besides difficulty in compliance, it is possible that the employees have to spend a big chunk of the available time fighting the software over using it.

Self service enablement

-Simple self service
Self service involves the engagement of the customers at the problem end with steps that help them to reach the solution in the minimum time needed. Knowmax’s smooth self service platform helps the users to integrate with knowledge base and have access to consistent over all touch points.
-Complicated self service
When a customer is already perplexed over having a problem, having them to initially set up the platform instead of getting the solutions handy irritates them further. A self service platform, under such conditions can be extremely complex to handle thus incompetent to deliver first hand resolutions.

Ease of search results

-Google like elastic search
With Knowmax, users merely need to type the phrase or number they are looking for, and elastic search option searches not only for the documents but also searches through the documents to bring up exact part of document containing search results as needed to resolve the query.
-Average search feature
Search feature offered by Salesforce knowledge base requires user to remember the name of file that has the content being looked for. When a file name is typed, document pops up but if that doesn’t exist on user’s memory, it’s just like scouring through library.

Level of connectivity

-On cloud, on premise, hybrid
Knowmax offers connectivity, knowledge creation, and distribution; providing seamless customer experience. Companies can have knowledge circulation on Knowmax’s cloud accessible to them or on premise of their own organizations.
-On cloud
Salesforce knowledge base exceptionally identifies itself as a cloud platform for SaaS services. Specializing in service cloud, marketing cloud, health cloud, and much more, it fails to recognize the need of privacy needed at firms to ensure safety of data from being poached over open cloud.

User experience

-Ease of use
If you have nothing to do with technology, coding, and software engineering, you still have everything to do with creation, editing, and dissemination of knowledge from Knowmax owing to the tutorial mode that guides creation and dispersion at each step making it a cake walk.
For those who are not such a big fan of complicated platforms and do not follow technical steps closely have quite a situation in using this platform for creation of documents thus indicating an extra investment for technician, content creator, and approver for a one person job.

Presentation of documents

-Media integration
Integration of URLs, images, attachments within knowledge base all come in handy with Knowmax. It makes the content created consistent and pervasive thus helping in retargeting it at both agent and user ends preventing work duplication and promotes easy understanding.
-Cluttered interface
No media, link, or attachment can be put to support a document or file that would otherwise be complicated and difficult in standalone thereby making it a tough deal for users and/or agents to derive quick and simple conclusions where bracket support is needed.

Creation of knowledge

-KM tools
Tools used by Knowmax to present knowledge in crisp, yet complete manner include decision trees, visual guides, interactive videos, articles, and FAQs thus being a complete package facilitating actionable information accessibility and intuitive knowledge flow.
-Complex knowledge
When knowledge created is in form of full pagers only, it becomes next to impossible for a human eye dealing with a new problem each time under hot clock to be able to search and respond fast with accuracy without the support of Knowmax like intuitive knowledge creation tools.

Agent training

-Agent productivity
When the knowledge can be created, curated and distributed in all the preferred formats and ways, the agent has to log in to a single platform and add empathy to resolve problems quickly owing to productive training and quality assessment sessions.
-Longer learning curve
Product refreshers hit call center floors faster than an old procedure begins to get a friendly user response putting agents on their toes. Salesforce's agent learning program does not equip them with right knowledge extending learning curves to negative outputs.

Reasons for Knowmax's superiority over Salesforce knowledge base

Complete customer service suite

Knowledge Base

Knowmax conducts customary appraisals of operators during training for agents’ comprehension of procedures. Circling articles and recordings identified with call taking care of and delicate aptitudes are useful in eliminating loopholes. Specialists get hands on understanding of using knowledge base on floor.

Decision Trees

This smooth specialized procedure for agents and customers has a step by step natural work process. It permits clients and offices to make guided workflows according to business needs. From settling complicated tickets to resolving inter-departmental communications, a decision tree makes each activity easy.

Visual How-to Guides

Visual guides help operators take care of complex customer queries. It guarantees best for agents and clients by touring them through quicker and productive solutions using pictures as a superior technique over words. Visual guides support resolutions for multiple devices like smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, etc.

Articles & FAQs

A major chunk of customers uses an online knowledge base if feasible. Monitoring highest hit keywords and most asked questions is facilitated over analytics dashboard making data driven actions a cakewalk. Long reports and quick questions can all be presented clearly to agents for shorter AHT.

Augmented Reality

Gone are the days when actual presence was considered as effective servicing and supervision. With smartphones, co-browsing, and AI sensing cameras, it has become significantly simpler to share screen by requesting access authorization thus directly approaching client to solution with screen marked directions.

Customer Service Training

Knowmax conducts regular assessments of agents during training to know about their understanding of processes’s product and organization. Circulating articles and videos related to call handling and soft skills are helpful in bridging communication gaps. Agents get hands on experience of using knowledge base.

Absolute omnichannel customer experience

Contact center

A customer service specialist works under extreme duress. To familiarize with caller, comprehend the issue, utilize empathetic abilities, and wrap up inquiry at the same time needs backend technical support over a single platform to save the time otherwise engaged in changing sites and methods.


The field specialists summon at customer's place of comfort to resolve their queries which primarily involving complex problems like technical, repair, or replacements. The grievances requiring such close consideration have higher restlessness on part of customers. It is hard, along these lines to keep up FTR.


One of the most required is field of service is branches. A uniform connectivity in operations and smooth communication is required over all branches and franchise. Knowmax gets all the subtleties on common grounds by means of cloud repository making all activities sync.

Mobile App

As soon as your client meets a problem, their first reaction is to call customer care but long queues stop them. Integrating self service portal over mobile application helps with ticket deflections and independent solutions to customers. Answers received are same as agent assistance.


At whatever point a client connects with you for problem resolution; it is made significantly easy via a Google like elastic search. When your own site's answer page shows up on SERP, it turns out to be simple and dependable for the customer to stay there and leave only with the comprehensive solution accomplished.


Chatbots can get easily trained in accordance with organization’s need and brand tonality. They offer NLP support thus avoiding any robotic conversation. Customers using chatbots can switch to human assistance at any time. Consistency of knowledge and pervasive integration gives you an edge.

Social Media

A stage to flaunt your promotional skills presently steals the onus to carry forward your business strategies by just assisting your customers at every stage needed. It makes them feel owned and valued at the firm thus generating loyalty.

More reasons to switch from Salesforce knowledge base


Agents, in a traditional work-chain, raise tickets on tagging framework, move to knowledge base & find answers. Time spared by doing each of it all over a single stage as opposed to jumping sites is the USP to Knowmax. Claim to fame is a uniformly coordinated platform serving all needs.


Searching through long articles and scrolling images for information with an impatient caller waiting restlessly to receive a solution as quick as possible does not paint a pretty picture. This is why Knowmax’s Google-like elastic search helps agents land directly on required information and save time.


Searching through long articles and scrolling images for information with an impatient caller waiting restlessly to receive a solution as quick as possible does not paint a pretty picture. This is why Knowmax’s Google-like elastic search helps agents land directly on required information and save time.

Contact center aid

An organization needs productivity on a unified window for all operations. Over Knowmax’s all-in-one-place Saas for knowledge management and dispersion, agents are on-boarded, trained, oriented, tested, and put to work. With tools disseminating ready to use knowledge, self-service portal gives CX a rise.

Easy communication

With information being introduced as straight and basic as can be, every conversation among agents and callers is assessed thus retouching any loose ends if so observed. Knowledge created is simple and easy to understand. It can be repurposed and freely be integrated over self service platforms.

Feedback management

A two-way feedback management system monitors plan of action and knowledge being created and disseminated at organizational level. All users of knowledge base, be it customers, team members, or agents, can comment on content being distributed helping in improving knowledge quality.

Analytics & reporting

All conversations whether with agents or with bots are recorded and scrutinized. The shortcomings are noted and a pattern used by customers to put up their query is studied. It is used to further train bots and AI assistants. Agent errors are thus reduced based on statistics achieve & analyzed.

Interlink modules

Agents at times might get confused about resolutions as two queries might have similar but not same solutions. Interlinking interactive modules like decision trees, visual guides, videos, and back links at critical points in a knowledge base helps them to present a wider and better image as an answer.

AI based intent

AI based intent identification can pick up keywords as soon as a ticket is raised. This then searches through knowledge base finding solutions to related queries. A list of all potential documents that could provide answers, pops up at agent’s screen in no time with artificial intelligence technology.

Omnichannel CX

The knowledge base made by Knowmax is upheld by extensive research and is based on product knowledge. Content and product experts study all possible questions that could be put up and extract a proper solution to the same which is accessible over all touch points.

Ease of content creation

Tutorial mode navigates the content creators through each step while they are creating a piece of content. There is no coding involved thus following What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) approach. Easy and interactive editing tools help in enhancing content’s engagement.


Digital is the new normal and requires experts to oversee & supervise a firm's digital migration and presence over internet. From keeping audience engaged to creating and converting leads, digital heads are required to work closely & vigilantly with product & content experts.

Knowledge migration is easy with Knowmax

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