Contactless support- from contact centers to virtual centers

Going by trends, it can be easily marked that this is merely starting of ‘the era of contactless support’ Businesses have already started to shift closer to customer base with an overall contactless support establishment.

  • Low average handling time
  • Low field visit cost
  • Spontaneous solutions
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Contactless support- from contact centers to virtual centers

Challenges in contactless customer support

Low touch resolutions

Low touch resolutions

After tedious practice of on-field resolution and physical training, its replacement with an all-digital software and learning module can be highly challenging. An entire team of experienced and qualified experts is required to assure quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Uncompromised solutions

Uncompromised solutions

Knowledge creation and distribution is a tricky endeavor. Knowledge base for contactless support is not same as normal knowledge base. It must take into consideration the requirement of equipment, guidance, and clarification of solution steps.

Providing connected approach

Providing connected approach

Contactless support has started from WhatsApp but shall soon need to mark its presence over all digital touchpoints. Keeping actions over each outlet in sync, supervised, and managed is still a big challenge as it requires intensive training to employees.

Survey without fields

Survey without fields

A unique aspect of good data is its collection directly from people as a first hand approach. While some questions might be answered through e-questionnaire, a lot still gets left out from being said and discovered as opposed to on-ground surveys thus affecting data and stats acquired.

Benefits of contactless customer service

Contactless support facilitates improved communication defying any geographical boundaries. NLP is used to help get over native and cultural gaps thus opening up customers to explain and understand better feeling valued at firm.

Improving communication

Contactless support involves digital KYC, AR, VR, AI, ML, and much more. Live chat with 360 degree coverage helps users attain any solution spontaneously. All they have to do is put out their query and let NLP recognize apt solutions to the same.

Digital support

Field visits cost fortune to the organization. Contactless support helps reduce these visits by deploying mixed reality whereby screen access allows experts to contact the complainant directing them on best and next best alternatives.

Reducing touchpoints

Mobility of knowledge is essential to ensure that correct knowledge is not just created but also distributed to right parties. Knowledge is distributed both internally and externally and users of this knowledge range from agents and teams to self service users.

Supporting mobility

Knowledge management modules to enable contactless service

Bringing two or more parties on the same page virtually. This ensures communication between organization and its customers from over multiple touchpoints. Inducing involvement of customers with experts helps in quick and direct solutions via screen sharing.


Annotations help in delivering better solutions through screen mark ups additional texts and diagrams. This becomes like some digital book which directs users with proper solution in real time to deal with problems right when they arrive through common screen.

On screen annotations

Remote access defies the hurdle of geographical distancing and helps customers by getting them in direct contact with experts who cannot just guide but also access the system and resolve the issue. This is feasible in all places including office and home setting as well.

Remote access

Consent based access is essential to ensure the safety of content. Availability of free knowledge over open source is not feasible which is why not just targeting but safety while directing knowledge is also essential to maintain a healthy competition.

Consent based access

Virtual and augmented reality uses remote screen sharing to solve an issue. Servicing is done by users and is guided by agents. User allows agent to view their screen and points their camera at the issue helping agent to analyze and get problem solved.

Mixed reality

Industries where contactless support can add value



Healthcare industry is making unprecedented progress under technical umbrella. Accessories like smart glasses, video transmission, patient data access, and much more help the employees to be with patients and with senior faculty all at same time.



Telecom industry is not just a network service provider but also stands for connectivity thus being in inevitable need of contactless support in configuration and set-up. Presence over WhatsApp can be a first step but telecoms must be present everywhere every time.

Field utility

Field utility

Field experts require software knowledge, product knowledge, backend support, and equipment required to help them solve issues at hand. With contactless support, a single man out on field for complex problems and no man on field too is possible with virtual assistance.

Home appliances

Home appliances

Home applications can have complicated set-up procedures thus requiring expert supervision to have appliances handled by customers closely guided under assistant’s instructions. Contactless support guarantees this watch over through remote access via camera device.

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