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OneCard – a product of First Principal Labs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing fintech startup founded by a group of banking veterans who have built a mobile-first credit card. Valued at more than $750 million in Dec 2021, OneCard’s core mission has been to improve the experience users have with credit cards. They are competing against the big banks in India by offering superior customer experience as their moat.


Highly focused on providing superior experience with credit cards, the OneCard team knew they couldn’t compromise on CX. However, being a high-growth startup, all their product and process information was scattered and hard to find. While that was the starting problem, knowledge wasn’t actionable. SOPs needed to be consumed in a more actionable & visual manner. All of this was causing inaccurate and late resolutions to customers’ problems. With OneCard’s value in the transparency of processes, the company knew it needed to change its approach and pivot towards efficient knowledge management for excellent customer service.


With Knowmax’s state-of-the-art Knowledge Management, OneCard now has all customer service-wide information organized under one unified platform, providing a single source of truth to all customer-facing teams across voice, chat & e-mail. Knowmax has improved access to contextual knowledge across touchpoints, making customer service teams independent in assisting customers with accurate and immediate solutions to their problems. Using the platform also benefitted the training teams by reducing the onboarding time of new hires by decreasing the learning curve (time to proficiency). OneCard now maintains content transparency across the organization and has enhanced its CX function with efficient knowledge sharing & consumption.


We have achieved a 12% increase in FCR and 10% reduction in AHT. We're now providing seamless customer service to over 2 million users. Knowmax has transformed our CX function and helped us increase our C-SAT scores by 28%. We're lucky to have found a Knowledge Partner that delivered promising results and supported us throughout our Knowledge Management journey.

Hari Velayudan

Hari Velayudan

Chief Operating Officer OneCard



OneCard’s customer service journey kick-started from a small team of 6-7 people in July of 2020 and grew multifold into a large and scalable team. A typical day for a OneCard support member consists of dealing with a lot of customer problems around the OneCard credit card.

call agent flat icon

Imagine this

The agent receives a customer call and needs critical customer information and product-related data to solve the problem.

Any credit card user has hundreds of questions about the service’s safety, security, and convenience. How can the customer support of OneCard ensure speedy resolutions and maintain the quality of its services on a quick phone call or a simple self-service portal?

After all, customer trust is of utmost importance in banking. Most banking services are availed through word of mouth from trusted family members and friends. Customer support in this industry needs to be reliable and efficient in assuring the safety of service processes and troubleshooting customer problems quickly.

With OneCard being a fintech product built for the mobile-first generation, creating a quick response knowledge base was crucial for a great CX. Additionally, empowering the customer support teams with a KM platform that acts like a ready-reckoner and reduces their time to proficiency is critical for the training function. For these reasons, OneCard needed an omnichannel knowledge management partner for its CX-org, and Knowmax proved to be exactly what OneCard required.



The key initiatives for OneCard customer service through

For a customer service team that took a long time to retrieve information for its customers from never-ending excels and documents, Knowmax's platform has revolutionized OneCard's customer service through its efficient knowledge management capabilities.

As OneCard’s Knowledge Partner, Knowmax provided the following capabilities to elevate their CX function:


Visual guides for simulation and application understanding

In this decade, a credit card service where the mobile application is the core product cannot just survive on its ability to explain its services through word of mouth. Knowmax’s visual guides are step-by-step pictorial modules that proved to be highly useful for support teams by helping in visual troubleshooting & ensuring data security.


70% of app-based training happened through picture guides. As OneCard is an app-based company, the visual guides made it easy for the customer service teams to understand what the app looks like and quickly arrive at solutions for customer problems.

Training & Quality Lead


Decision trees for mistake-proof customer service

For an emerging fintech brand, it is critical to walk customers through any process to build customer trust. Being amiss in even a single step could cause the loss of precious customers. With Knowmax, OneCard support teams access guided workflows called decision trees that help them take quick action and guide the customers to take the next best step for any problem. The support teams could easily walk a customer through processes related to OneCard and its services in several steps. This meant reducing the error rate and improving productivity even in remote settings, thereby making the support staff self-dependent.


Enterprise Knowledge Base to house all documentation & SOPs

While decision trees are a go-to for customer service teams, specific processes in a fintech like OneCard can be tricky and need detailed SOPs with terms and conditions adequately explained. SOPs for particular processes were created in detail through the article and FAQ format that facilitates in-document search and easy upload of multimedia support, like images and videos within the document itself.


Integrations to reduce agent effort

Time is money. And when you value your customer’s time, you take a front seat for your customer’s preferences. With the CRM integration of Freshdesk on Knowmax, OneCard support teams could retrieve customer information by just entering valid customer details like a phone number or email address. With customers’ consent, their information is used to track their journey and provide answers to their queries in a more personalized way. And for support teams, integration with the Knowmax chrome extension came in handy to avoid switching between platforms and increase productivity. The floating widget can be accessed on the agent screen while working on any platform and saves them a great deal of time and hassle.


An LMS with assessments to reduce time to train & re-train

Before Knowmax, OneCard’s new hire & refresher training happened through presentations & in-person learning. Although one-on-one live sessions were taken for new joiners, it became quite impossible to carry on as the team kept growing. With the riddance of many confusing google sheets & presentations, there is now just one platform where all the training and process knowledge tests are conducted. Knowmax’s LMS covered the OneCard teams’ training needs through the creation of comprehensive training guides. Conducting tests and fetching reports smoothened the entire training process of OneCard’s support teams.


Unparalleled data security

A mobile-first fintech startup, data security is paramount for OneCard. As a customer-first service provider, it is responsible for all customer data and is liable to protect it from any leaks or threats strictly. One of the critical benefits of Knowmax that played a pivotal role in its adoption and success at OneCard is its top-notch data security. The application’s security ensures the proper protection of all content on the platform and all customer data that it fetches from CRM. This way, the OneCard team does not have to worry about any data fraud and resulting reputational damage, making it customer-centric, safe and reliable.


Being a rapidly growing fintech startup, all our product & processes information was scattered and hard to access. Partnering with Knowmax helped us organize it under one roof and make it easy to find. It has made our customer support team independent. The platform has been extremely useful for our training teams as it reduced the agent error and learning curve of new hires. The Knowmax team was super helpful in the onboarding process and proactively helped us create a KM strategy for our CX function.


Sumit Sharma

CX Lead, OneCard

The numbers that speak for themselves


28% increase

in Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT)

10% reduction

in Average Handle Time (AHT)

12% increase

in First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Additional Highlights

Working from home made easy

Agents don't have to check with their supervisors now and then for any confirmation. Knowmax acted as a single source of truth for all information and empowered agents to deliver exceptional customer service without any intervention.

Decision making within seconds

The OneCard support teams could decide on all queries such as app features, interest rate, how to repay the money, and more through Knowmax. This happened because of the easily understandable guides that allow executives to quickly assess the situation and make their own decisions.


With a sharp rise in online and mobile banking platforms, providing a personalized and seamless customer experience across all channels is the most effective customer retention strategy. One of the best bets that OneCard took up its customer retention game was finding a perfect knowledge management partner for its Fintech-specific customer service needs. Knowmax has solved the knowledge management challenge for OneCard’s CX function and improved synergy between various teams for exceptional customer service.


Knowmax is a future-ready, full-suite Knowledge Management Platform that helps to efficiently create, curate, and disseminate knowledge for superior customer engagement across all touchpoints. Knowmax’s innovative modules and features help you create a robust KM strategy for an enhanced CX. Built by CX experts with over a decade of experience in customer service, Knowmax understands the CX challenges faced by enterprises and is trusted by some of the leading fortune 500 organizations globally.

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