What is Machine Learning and it benefits your business

Posted On: August 6, 2019

75% of the organizations will utilize machine learning in one of the applications they develop and 40% of Digital Transformation will include AI services.

What’s does machine learning (ML) indicate?

It is the science that enables computers to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. Being a subset of Artificial Intelligence, it’s a method it is the system that learns from data, identify patterns & make better decisions with minimal human intervention.

How businesses can benefit from ML?

In the past decade, ML has given us practical speech recognition and effective web search. Today, technology is transforming the face of the world with conversational chat-bots & digital assistance. Simultaneously, major industries for the sake of Customer Service are utilizing AI-driven assistance to the end-users. The advancement in ML and other technologies such as Natural Language Processing makes the conversation interactive. It simulates within a format of analyzing the request, identifying the intent and entities lately composes the reply.

How is ML enhancing customer experience?

AI-backed Chatbot is one of the examples of ML. ML enables it to feed, recognize, analyze and respond in a correct format.  Chatbots are an intuitive way to enhance the customer experience by providing updated information. A chatbot is available on web pages or In-app support for easy accessibility. It is typically deployed to solve customer queries effectively. Generally, it serves in the textual method. While comes with the Multilingual feature which helps to communicate globally. Their main job is to reduce the workload from the contact center. And ensures the reduction of redundant information. It also promotes self-service and shifts the customer towards a digital solution. Moreover, it signifies 24/7 availability and can be use anytime.


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