Customer satisfaction

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Posted On: August 7, 2019

Customer satisfaction should be a priority for a business to maintain a Brand’s image. Take it to the next level with right engagement strategies and superior Customer Experience.

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any Business. If a customer is not pleased with the customer service then 13-15% of them will report to more people.

What does customer satisfaction indicate?

CSAT is a grade, used to measure the count of happy customers with a service or experience, which is usually calculated by deploying a customer satisfaction survey. This indicates how a particular customer feels about a support

Customer satisfaction

interaction, purchase or overall experience with answers between highly unsatisfied or completely satisfied to choose from.

Why is customer satisfaction necessary?

CSAT tells about how customers feel when interacting with your brand and portrays Customer Loyalty towards a brand. If you don’t measure customer satisfaction, you can’t identify unsatisfied customers that could leave you negative remarks. Also, it tells about happy customers who could be active referrers when dealing right.

If you actively work on increasing CSAT, there will be a lot of results that you could derive benefits from-

  • Satisfied customers create positive Word of mouth
  • CSAT attract new leads/customers
  • A satisfied customer would definitely suggest a brand to friends, relatives.
  • It leads to goodwill and publicity of brand and service
  • A happy customer will be loyal towards the brand

Knowmax makes relevant, reliable and achievable strategies to make customer service or experience seamless. While appropriately engaging customers at the right time.


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