Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience?

Posted On: August 7, 2019

Customer Experience is the abbreviation of CX. This expression refers to the exposure of customers has with the brand or company. It includes everything from customer experience, researching, purchasing and interacting with customer services. Illustrating it briefly, CX is the perception of a customer, the brand and the emotional tone they associate with.

Significance of CX in Customer Service

Practically, retaining an existing customer is less expensive than to earn a new customer. Forbes says, 96% of customers say that customer service is vital in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

Customer service is a crucial subset of CX which is measured by a mechanism called CSAT( Customer Satisfaction). However, CSAT is measured by sending follow-ups, feedback forms, surveys, and scores i.e, ratings. Ever thought! How often does a customer like to refer the branch to someone else? CSAT is important as the customer works for brand democracy. Paying attention to the CSAT scores helps the company raise and make suitable improvements. To achieve perfect CSAT, companies should look after the customer experience at every touchpoint.

How to enhance Customer Experience?

A happy customer is the motive of companies across all the industries.

As per recent Forbes reports, 83% of companies that believe it is important to make customers happy also experience growing revenue.

Customer experience includes not just the experience of using the product but also the impression at every end which includes applications, web pages, and service centers. To ensure a streamlined experience of the customer, shift them towards self-service. Self Service is another important aspect of every business life.

A customer can only be satisfied with the digital solution if it is easy to use and efficient. The companies can present the information using tools like Decision Tree, Picture guides and Knowledge Base.

Starting with Decision Trees: It helps to illustrate any query in the form of a flow chart which reduces redundant information. This is an intuitive approach to streamline the scattered information into subcategories. Decision Tree helps the customer to make a decision and choose the right option. This tool can be available in the form of FAQs & Articles.

Secondly, Picture guides: This makes the customer journey more interactive because it presents the information using step by step visual guides which helps them to get an answer to their questions & can be used over web pages and applications.

Lastly, Knowledge Management Base: It is a robust repository that stores the unstructured information and represents it in a structured form. These are some methods can be deployed to enhance the customer experience. This can be used over service centers so that they can promptly assist a customer.


Benefits of Customer Experience

1. Boost user base

2. Enhance revenue streams

3. Build brand loyalty

From the above content, It’s quite clear that good customer experience drives the companies in the long run. Customer is the key to spread business activity globally & fulfillment of their needs leads a business to grow and enhance the revenue as well. A satisfied customer can build the brand name over various online websites, which is likely to attract and connect more customers with the business.


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