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Free open source knowledge base

A knowledge base helps teams & customers by collecting, organizing & disseminating information. From customization of data to its free availability, free open source knowledge base software can be used to provide solutions for your assisted & digital teams.

  • Direct integration, no API needed
  • Knowledge accessibility
  • Easy-to-Use Customer Interface

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Free open source knowledge base

It’s free

The original code is available free to use and can be modified as per your requirement, thus provides endless possibilities. However, going open source doesn’t necessarily mean “free” because it takes time and usually involves capital too, to either build it out yourself or hire a developer. And it can be a quite lengthy, involved process.

Quick tips: Talking of maintaining an open-source software, it might cost double than purchasing a SaaS knowledge base

It’s free

Deals with security issues

Knowledge base consists of confidential information that cannot be misused at any cost. Uploading large amounts of data in an online repository can cost great damage to businesses. Unlike SaaS where security is provided for platform, application, operating system, etc.

Deals with security issues

Fully integrates with your existing software

By building your own knowledge base from open source code, be assured that it will integrate with your existing software. However, If your other tools are SaaS, you will still need to use APIs in order to make everything work in sync. SaaS knowledge base solution will include ready connectors which won’t require custom coding.

Fully integrates with your existing software

Continuous updating

Developers of a free knowledge base create the software once and upload it publicly for users with limited features. On the other hand, SaaS knowledge base aggregates feedback that helps them improve & update continuously.

Continuous updating

Components of SaaS knowledge base

The most demanding component of a good knowledge base could be its interface. SAAS knowledge base provides a user-friendly interface that could be easily handled by its users. It also supports every kind of help within the subscription but with free knowledge base technical support is paid & user has to handle queries in-house.

Components of SaaS knowledge base

Effortless access to customer support

Although open source knowledge base is a great help for some enterprises but talking of call centers, SaaS is the ultimate solution. SaaS supports a self-service tool that encourages customers to resolve their queries themselves adding to, technical help if needed can be provided on time, thereby boosting customer retention.

Effortless access to customer support

Right choice for your enterprise

SaaS knowledge base is the right solution for enterprises to encourage their customers in resolving their issues themselves with self-service facilities, reducing the need to contact an agent for help. Also, it boosts your workforce to enhance their productivity, ultimately gaining customer retention & increased revenue.

Right choice for your enterprise

Simply improving your help section can reduce the number of calls by 5%

Does open source knowledge base fit for delivering omnichannel experience at your enterprise?

Does open source knowledge base fit for delivering omnichannel experience at your enterprise?

Looking at various limitations of open source knowledge base, it is time to switch. Omnichannel simply means that the company is capable of dealing anywhere their customers are active to buy. Coming forward to the knowledge base, it is a digital library consisting of a company’s records, data, and information related to its dealers, customers, agents, feedbacks, etc. All of this information is confidential & needs a secure knowledge base. An important aspect that effects omnichannel experience is resolution. Different channels such as a website, chatbot, or a mobile, will set up different resolutions of content in case of free knowledge base. Likewise, while an enterprise is publishing its content using open source, it cannot perform the same action on every channel at once. While SaaS knowledge base is resolution friendly i.e. without compromising on the quality of resolution, the same content is passed through every channel once published.

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What is an open source knowledge base ?

As the term suggests an open source knowledge base is openly available without strict regulations on use of knowledge and redistribution of the same content.

Why are enterprises not preferring a free knowledge base ?

In a free knowledge base there is no official helpdesk for specific help nor there is control in features they discontinue without notice. This is why businesses don’t prefer a free knowledge base.

What are differences between Free Knowledge base & SaaS knowledge base?

The major difference between the two is that a SaaS knowledge base can be customized unlike a free knowledge base software which cannot have product or internal teams knowledge base.

Why is a hosted knowledge base so popular?

A hosted knowledge base is popular for the unique and reliable features it
provides security for inside knowledge and backup of all
information stored on the cloud.

How is SaaS knowledge base linked to customer retention?

A SaaS knowledge base provides tools and technical help to enable faster customer service. This includes self service too and thereby boosts customer retention.

What is the security strength on SaaS knowledge base software?

A SaaS knowledge base software provides security right from the platform to application to even the operating software. An open source knowledge base doesn’t stand a chance when compared.

SaaS Knowledge base is an enterprise choice

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