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Are you still using a free open-source knowledge base?

It is time to invest in an established SaaS-based knowledge base software instead of free, open-source knowledge management. A SaaS-based knowledge base is the right choice for you because of:

  • Seamless integrations
  • Proper technical support
  • Future-oriented road map
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Why free open-source KB software is not the
right choice?


Has compatibility issues


Difficult to customize


Presence of hidden costs

Benefits of a Knowmax SaaS KB over a free open-source knowledge base

1 .

Top-notch security

The knowledge base consists of confidential information that cannot be misused at any cost. Uploading large amounts of data in an online repository can cost significant damage to businesses. On SaaS, security is intact; it prevents any information leaks.

2 .

Easy integrations

A SaaS knowledge base comes with a straightforward API integrations function. On the other, a free open-source knowledge base will require you to build it from scratch to integrate it with your existing software.

3 .

Continuous improvisations

On a SaaS knowledge base like Knowmax, you will have multiple features and see continuous updates, improvements in software based on feedback. There are limited features and no updates based on feedback on a free open-source knowledge base.

4 .

Customer satisfaction

Talking of contact centers, SaaS is the ultimate solution. SaaS supports self-service tools that encourage customers to resolve their queries themselves. If needed, technical help can be provided on time, boosting customer retention and satisfaction scores.

5 .


A free open-source knowledge base management might cost you double what you invest on a SaaS-based knowledge base. Going open-source might require you to invest in developers, unlike a SaaS-based KB where you are the end-user and need not develop software from scratch.

Supercharge your CX with Knowmax

Give immersive customer experience with

Knowmax is an industry agnostic SaaS knowledge base management software that allows you to create comprehensive workflows for SOP adherence. For a customer-first company, ditch the open source knowledge base and improve CX without being technologically challenged,

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What Our Customers Say

Why switch to a SaaS knowledge base from a free open-source KB?

It’s time to switch to a Saas Knowledge base. Make your investments bright by eliminating an open-source knowledge base. Learn how to create a digital library consisting of a company’s records, data, and information related to its dealers, customers, agents, feedback, and more.

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Business metrics driven by Knowmax

30 -

Reduction of errors by support teams

15 -

Call Deflection to Self Service channels

20 -

Reduction of time to proficiency

15 -

Reduction in support costs

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