Create FAQs page to make customer self-service easier at self-help channels

Create FAQs page for better customer self-service as frequently asked questions are usually the first point of reference for a user or customer. With Knowmax’s capability to organize, manage, and streamline content in Q&A format, ensure only the best for your brand.

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Create & Edit FAQs

While FAQs are essential for customer support, managing and organizing the content can be cumbersome. Knowmax allows for two ways to create and manage bulk information: Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Bulk Upload ready documents

Using the option to upload Word Documents with said information about your brand’s FAQs, the user can upload all files bulk to Knowmax’s back-end platform.

2. Create Q&A Articles

By creating Q&A from scratch on Knowmax’s back-end platform, the user can add questions into the ‘Input Question’ section and its subsequent answer in ‘Input Answer.’ The ‘Add New +’ button allows additional content to be added in the same format.


Highlight Content

Highlighting information is made easier with the Editor on the Knowmax back-end platform. Highlight content as required with options to make text bold, italic, and underlined. A user/support agent can easily identify highlighted information on the front end, making ticket resolutions faster and more appropriate.

The author can order and reorder FAQs as needed by checking the ‘Enable Sorting’ option while creating or editing a Q&A Article. Drag and drop the questions to desired positions for better representation of knowledge in the form of FAQs for customer service with Knowmax.


Interlinking of Modules

With this feature, access to additional information about a particular topic/concern becomes easier. Knowmax allows for interlinking of other modules like picture guides, decision trees, and other single-page articles into Q&A Articles for better navigation through bulky content within a single knowledge base. By embedding different modules into FAQ type articles, information becomes more interactive and is also made relevant for other similar concerns.

On the extreme right side of the screen, the ‘Linking’ tab houses the feature for linking node to another module. With Predictive Search, searching for a related module becomes easier. Users can type in keywords to search for picture guides, decision trees, and other single-page articles.

Interlinking of Modules


Knowmax enables users to add media to FAQs and customer service articles to make content more engaging and interactive. This enhances the look and feel of knowledge on the user interface and helps gain insights into said content using charts, infographics, etc.

Using the ‘Linking’ tab on the extreme right side of the screen, an author/editor can upload images in formats like .png, .jpg, and .jpeg, in between sections. The size of an image can be adjusted as per requirement. The images uploaded once can also be stored in the gallery on the knowledge base itself under the user’s account in case they are needed to be used multiple times.

Media attachment
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