Posted On: July 27, 2020

Ticket Portal: Unified Platform For Assisted & Digital Teams

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According to a report– 69% of internal support tickets are resolved in one touch.

Tickets can be incepted from various touchpoints including chat, call, API or email, etc. Let’s take a scenario of the telecom call center to understand better.

Most telecom call center companies use an online ticket portal system with many integrations to enhance their customer experience. If a customer has some issue regarding his internet not working or calls getting declined automatically, he/she might need the help of a support agent there. Customers will try to contact an agent through chat or any other channel of their choice explaining their query in detail. The moment customer requests for a solution, a ticket is raised automatically in the ticket portal.

Another way to raise a ticket is by using the ticket portal by the customer itself. Freshdesk, a support portal for customers when integrated with knowledge management software acts as a unified platform for both assisted & digital teams.

Whenever a customer wants to raise a ticket in the support portal, the platform will allow them to view articles or knowledge guides from knowledge base solutions for self-service facilities before submitting their ticket. Self-service facilitates customers to navigate their queries through solutions like decision trees, visual guides, articles, or FAQs. Beyond this, if the customer still feels hassle in finding resolutions to their query, they are free to reach the customer support team by raising a ticket. After submitting a ticket on the portal, customers can also view the current status of their ticket.

Knowledge management tools provide service to help-desk that efficiently distribute knowledge to customers when needed & to agents while assisting.

Empowering ticket portal with KM platform

Knowledge management software refers to a system where the knowledge creation team can create, curate, distribute, and manage content across various channels thereby building a complete knowledge base for enterprises. When a robust knowledge management platform is integrated within the ticket portal of a particular company, the results deliver great CX.

Leveraging help desk software big data can save up to 670 working hours per year, reduce the number of phone calls by 10%, and allow 25% of your help desk resources to be available for attention-demanding incident resolution.


Benefits of empowering ticket portal with KM platform

1. Effective self-service facilities

Term self service facilitates customers in handling their queries themselves without the intervention of support agents. With effective collaboration of ticket portal with knowledge base solutions, searchability and findability of content become easy for many customers. Thus, customers won’t need to consult an agent for every minor query, which will eventually decrease number of tickets raised.

2. Engaging customers

When knowledge is served at one platform, some enterprises tend to share their knowledge resources explicitly with their customers to attain customer retention. Customers use this platform for building a community to share their experiences with brand, suggestions if any, also encourages new customers to understand the brand well.

3. Streamline way to create a ticket

Self-service facility might not help every customer to resolve their issue. Ticket portal facilitates customers to create a ticket about their query in a hassle-free environment. With that, the platform will keep customers updated timely about their query and its result.

4. Securing customer details

An important aspect of customer experience is, knowing your customer. Ticket portal allows contact center agents to store details of each customer when a ticket is raised, thereby assisting agents in keeping records of customer securely for further interactions.

5. Support suggestions

Customers when unable to resolve a query on their own, usually reach out to the support portal of a website to raise a ticket. A knowledge backed ticket portal understands keywords mentioned by customer and suggests with appropriate knowledge articles which might be useful. This helps in deflecting tickets and leads to self-service resolution.


Actionable knowledge management tools for ticket portal

Knowledge management platform consists of enormous tools to reinforce the workplace thereby increasing productivity. Ticket portal when integrated with KM software enables contact center agents to get accurate & quicker resolutions with actionable modules as follows:

Decision trees

Interactive decision trees software assist support agents to resolve complex customer queries with a step-by-step guide. Ensure support agents with decision trees tool to reduce average handle time of tickets & calls, enhance first call resolution, and boost overall CSAT score.

Visual guides

Visual assistance ensures best for contact center agents while troubleshooting complex customer queries. It enhances the efficiency of agents with easy navigation of content across all channels, thus boosting their productivity.


Question answer format is a forever demand of customers who avoid reading bulky content for self-service. Further, FAQs reduce the time of support agents in answering repetitive questions.


Knowledge articles act as a valuable source for customers who opt for self-service facilities, onboarding agents, or training agents. Navigating through queries using actionable modules of KM software results in faster resolution & fewer tickets.


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