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5 Tips To Get Positive Customer Feedback With Ease

11 mins read

You must have heard the phrase ‘there are two sides of a coin’ many times. It means that we should not trust half-truths and understand the complete picture before making a decision. For instance, in the area of customer service, there is undue importance given to negative feedback. Make no mistake; it is important to study the negative feedback and take corrective actions to provide a better customer experience.

At the same time, it is not right to solely focus on negative feedback for business growth. The other side of this coin has positive feedback, and if used properly, positive reviews can work wonders for the business.

For instance, positive customer feedback helps you create positive word-of-mouth marketing for your business. The customer service team works towards driving the customer experience score, but it is often seen that a lot more importance is given to addressing negative feedback rather than harnessing the power of positive reviews for your business. 

Positive customer feedback can do wonders for your business if used properly. Customers who provide positive reviews are more effective in creating positive word of mouth for your brand as compared to any other marketing activity. However, collecting positive customer feedback is easier said than done.

How to get positive customer feedback with ease?

1.  Select the right time

One of the best tips for getting positive customer feedback is by selecting the right time to ask the customer. There is no one-size-fits-all. When you need to ask the customer for a review would depend on the industry and the business you are in. For instance, in a transportation business, it makes sense to ask for feedback right after the trip is complete.

On the other hand, if you sell any electronics or any other product, you need to give some time to the customer to use the product before asking for a review. Depending on the industry you are in, you should identify the right time to ask for feedback.

2. Create an appealing proposition

To create a pool of good customer feedback, you must create an appealing proposition for the customers. It can be by way of incentives, recognition, or any other medium. The bottom line is that you end up creating a win-win situation for the company and the customer.

One of the most chosen mediums for this route is by offering incentives to customers. The incentives can be monetary or in-kind, i.e. any merchandise or gift coupons. The important point here is to create an appealing proposition for the customers to write a positive word for your business

As you motivate your customers to give you reviews at the right time, there is a high probability that you will end up getting more positive customer feedback.

3. Cover all avenues

It is not realistic to expect customers to visit your website to submit a review. You should cover all avenues like social media, review websites, e-commerce websites, community forums, etc. 

Depending on your industry, you should cover all important platforms where your customers hang out. It is better to be proactive and be available for customers at all major platforms rather than waiting for the customer to come to you.

As you increase your exposure to other platforms, the proactive approach combined with a good customer satisfaction score would result in positive customer feedback.

4. Respond to reviews

It is not only important to take feedback. It is equally important to respond to the feedback you get. For instance, you are encouraging customers to write about your product or service on a community forum. It is better to engage with the feedback you get so that the consumer feels that they are being heard.

As you respond to reviews, you would be able to discover many fence-sitters who would then start to engage with your brand and start sharing their positive reviews among the community. If the customers feel that their feedback is hitting a wall and no one is listening, no one would even bother sharing feedback. 

 5. Feature great reviews

One of the best ways to encourage positive feedback among customers is by featuring great reviews. If you can feature the reviewers along with the reviews, that would provide the extra motivation required for putting in a positive review.

You can use social media, your website, or any other community forum to recognize good customer feedback. It is a win-win for you and the company.

The customer gets a bit of recognition, and you end up showing that you care about your customers, and they are giving positive reviews about the product or service you offer. 

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How Knowmax can help you get positive customer feedback?

  • Knowmax is an AI-powered knowledge management tool that can help your customer support team map the customer journey efficiently and place the right interventions to take positive customer feedback.

    You can use Knowmax to create a robust knowledge base, decision trees, and visual assistance solutions for your team. You can use the power of Knowmax to increase the number of positive reviews drastically.
  • For instance, you can use the decision trees to equip your team with the next best action suggestions to help resolve their pain-staking issue and knock for a positive review.

    Similarly, the knowledge base can be used for assisting the customers and the support team would play a critical role in providing a positive customer experience and driving positive customer feedback.

To sum up

The tips mentioned above and a KM tool like Knowmax would help you increase positive customer feedback for your brand. Rather than solely focusing on negative feedback and taking corrective action, it is equally important to create a solid pool of positive reviews that will help you create an army of brand ambassadors in the long run.

Get started today with us on the path to collecting positive reviews for your business. This will help you focus on the other side of the coin and unleash the power of positive reviews. 


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