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Pictorial Guide – Is The Era Of Article-based Support Over?

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The use of self-service is at its peak. With the advent of Artificial-Intelligence based service, consumers are increasingly getting used to self-service and organizations are continuously trying to provide pictorial guide/visual support for a great customer experience.

Until a few years ago, customer service was largely dependent on articles and text content with limited access to media. The rapid rise of smartphones, artificial intelligence, and technology has given birth to multiple interactive ways of providing customer support. Companies are experimenting evermore to have unique ways of delivering cutting-edge customer support with an emphasis on better self-service. Today, pictures and visual cues drive customer support throughout major industries. Know more

Artificial Intelligence and knowledge management are the way forward and effectively taking over the traditional KM tools & processes. Knowledge management comprises various components, but tools like Visual How-To Guides allow the art of moderating information & provides step-by-step guided workflows for better customer engagement.  

The core objective of AI-backed Knowledge Management is to provide the correct information to the right people at the right time. Pictorial Guides or Visual Guides are one of the crucial components of knowledge management, making agents productive, helps to provide seamless CX, and resolution delivery better. Know more

Shortening attention spans of today’s audience and the need for pictorial guide

The pictorial guide brings a host of benefits with it for the consumer experience. Visual assistance ensures faster and effective resolutions helping both agents and customers. We live in an era of minimal attention span where companies have a fraction of seconds to grab a consumer’s attention and imagination.

The pictorial guide is often based on intuitive gestures which are more concrete and easy to understand and memorize in comparison to text that is difficult to remember and retain. Visual guides are a proven way to redefine customer engagement while also helping in reducing average handling times of support tickets. 

According to a study by Forrester, 66% of adults say that a company valuing their time is a vital metric for customer experience. Customer experience is the critical factor for driving growth across industries and analyzing progress. Visual how-to device guides enable seamless guidance to call center agents and customers.

With engaging and innovative interfaces, visual guides engage the customers throughout the process in real-time and solve the query faster. Knowledge management amalgamated with Artificial Intelligence enables effective guidance to businesses in customer experience initiatives.

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Articles v/s Pictorial guide: What works for the modern-day customer?

Article vs Pictorial Guide

With the current fast-paced digitization and information overload, knowledge management is a must-have for organizations, even a possible game-changer. A picture guide and visual elements as a knowledge management component drive everything quickly for customer agents.

Agents don’t need to find answers from long paragraphs or unstructured content, all they have to do is insert relevant keywords to find queries and related solutions. Agents get these answers through visual and pictorial guides to answer customer queries without breaking a sweat. This also helps them focus more on the overall customer experience and providing better customer service. 

When it comes to customer service, a picture does speak a thousand words. It easily demonstrates the facts that might be cumbersome to depict through texts and is more appealing to customers.

Visual guides collaborate information and visual content and guide agents to act upon relevant customer queries quickly. There are new challenges and growing customer demands for a better service experience.

In today’s world when customers are well informed and want to be at the core of everything, visual guides are among the few knowledge management components that help in identifying information extensively & highlight gaps and improvement areas in the knowledge network.

Additionally, it helps cut the operational cost as customers’ concerns are getting solved through screen sharing and co-browsing, remotely.

On the other side, a pictorial-based guide holds support agents from repetition & reduces the stress of increasing calls and queries. Ask us how


Knowledge management components like Visual aids can do wonders to customer experience if appropriately conceptualized. Visual guides work with multiple devices like smartphones, smart televisions, and other IoT devices. With comprehensive support and guidance for various devices, ensure that your support agents have answers to everything a consumer asks.

We offer a best-in-class Knowledge Management that allows agents to track and monitor content usage of visual guides to make data and technology-driven decisions for the future. The pictorial guides developed by our KM system can be integrated with existing CRM software and backend solutions.

It also gives the possibility to explore and track the usage of knowledge management components using a unified dashboard. The support agent can have all answers ready for any query a customer comes up with. Our KM system, Knowmax, ensures seamless findability of relevant information and data to deliver quick resolutions for every customer query.

With easy integration with third-party systems and multiple device coverage capabilities, support agents can work without complexities. You could count on a 21% improvement in First Call resolution with our visual guides.

With easy and intuitive navigation, effortless visual self-service guidance, and cloud-based tools, the Knowmax Knowledge Management system is what you should get to transform your customer service and take your customer experience to the next level.


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