Posted On: January 20, 2021

Why should open source FAQ be your second choice?

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Still, using open-source software as a primary choice? Better to switch over SaaS software.

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Open-source software to create your FAQ list always seems to be the best choice to go to. After all, the money saved is the money earned! Open source FAQ software provides you with options like intranet connectivity, communications, searching for frequently asked questions, and adding answers to the same.

Feels like that’s all you need right?

What is open source FAQ software?

Open-source FAQ software is a platform that allows you to use its features for the creation of an FAQ page for free. You can put in your top hit questions and add answers to them.

The facilities provided are a change of style, font, size, etc coupled with linking of texts or pages wherever deemed essential.

Why is open-source FAQ software preferred?

Open source FAQ software is free of cost for usage and the platform is majorly provided for communications within a team or a department (for small operations of businesses). This relieves the users from any contract, legality, limit, etc on using the software.

The codes to such platforms too are available openly on the free net thus open for restructuring or making changes depending on the organization’s needs.

When the code is available for your technical team to reprogram/ you shall save big on time, money, efforts, and manpower.

But, with so many benefits, comes the restriction of creativity, scale, and operations as the major limitations of open-source FAQ software that also make day to day activities rigid and monotonous to a harmful extent.

What is SaaS FAQ software?

As opposed to open source FAQ software, SaaS software is pre-programmed. It is extremely friendly for users with regard to features and interface. It is created to rent or buy the cloud space of the service provider to the customer.

Such customers are professional and large scale organizations and deal on a managerial level. The features, efficiency, feedback, costing, etc are important aspects and bear no cutbacks.

Let us now dive deep to understand why and how SaaS software is going to be the answers to all your questions ultimately:

6 Benefits of SaaS FAQ software

1. Ready to use platform

A SaaS software is programed on complicated codes by a team of trained experts. Such software is ready to use and can be easily customized.

The time of the client organization is majorly saved and can be used in getting better R&D done on customer needs.

2. No coding required

A FAQ creation software is usually quite complicated as it involves coding at each step. The dimensions of columns, appearance on various screens, content and its branches, backend linking, user interface, etc all require robust coding which is altogether eliminated with Knowmax’s no-code DIY decision tree maker.

3. Entirely customisable

Each aspect of a decision tree software is customizable so that it successfully represents the brand, desired solution, and keeps up with marketing as well.

The presentation, color, appearance, font, spacing, style, attachments, etc can all be edited and customized freely.

4. Trust of a brand

When using open-source softwares for creating a list of top hit queries requires a lot of work on the backend as well. It, however, lacks the trust of a brand that hosts this as a business professionally through an extended team of experts.

While using SaaS software, however, each step you take is pre-discussed and falls under SOP.

5. Reduced costs

The amount of resources spent by any organization on hiring a technician, coder, SMEs, research specialists, content and product experts, etc; is all saved when everything comes done and completed on your subscription to the services of SaaS software.

6. Frequent updates

Open-source free softwares do not need updates as they are available to open tweaking for use. However, SaaS softwares for FAQ are not factory-made (one product for every user) and has trainers to help with use which makes updates not only an advantage but an essential feature as well for better services.

FAQ creation on SaaS software

FAQs can easily be created on SaaS softwares without many complexities. Listed below are the steps that elaborate this procedure:

Steps to creating a successful FAQ page

  • Sort out top queries with maximum hits in ascending or descending order as you want them to appear.
  • Carry out keyword research based on customer search, clicks, rankings, etc.
  • Create a short yet detailed answer that has all essential elements and ignores any unwanted plug-ins of words, media, or links.
  • List all attachments that shall go along; this includes text, backlinks, hyperlinks, images, video referrals, color hierarchy, and much more.
  • Get your drafts checked and edited thoroughly before uploading them finally on your customer service app, website, or self-service software.
  • Publish the results and monitor their clicks, feedback, and ratings from all users are it, agents or customers.
  • Try to build a community by opening a comment section for all users to share, ask, and interact with increasing engagements.


With SaaS software to create FAQs, it becomes easy for the employees and self-service users as well. While the host organizations are all set to save huge on finance, resources, and manpower, it is essential to switch platforms after proper brainstorming with all your experts.

After all, operating a company is not a one day job and requires transparency and awareness for a long time in all its decisions.


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