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Online Support: Key To Unlocking 360° Customer Satisfaction

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You just gifted yourself a lavish travel package to France. It is finally the hour for you to start a week-long me-time. List of accommodations, travel, tourist spots, food parlors, shopping centers, and major attractions in accordance with your taste are all needed. Different websites specializing in separate travel listings might give you great options but do you really want to start a relaxation trip with a robust fuel burning?

A single app/website that could book an entire package and support you with local assistance would rather be a steal-deal excluding any additional burdens. This exactly is the meaning of a great online support platform.

What is online support?

Simple as the name goes, a support system that provides assistance through online/digital media. Online support platforms have been increasingly popular owing to the enhanced capabilities of resolution and guidance offered by modern devices. The trust gained by these devices stands on pillars of speed and connectivity generating user reliability. To use a pre-existing virtue for making your mark is financially intelligent and organizationally sound, all at the same time.

Fact check

  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with best ROI.
  • Over 50% of them hang up and 34% never call again unless it’s for online support
  •  Satisfied customers share their experience with 4-6 people, while a dissatisfied customer tells 9-15 people
  • As of 2017, 62% of organizations have moved to a cloud-hosted call center software solution.
  • Online support was voted as second easiest-to-use customer service channel in 2018 by almost 48% of the users.

Role of online support for various industries


Customers have increasingly shifted the use of digital platforms and smart devices to assist them through purchase process. Online support thus is essential in telecom industry to be available at every second your user might need you. A predetermined list of queries alongside their answers is a must.


Banking and investment have by large converted to cashless economies and e-transactions. It is thus essential to provide decision forming information accurately and quickly. Money transacted over internet requires cyber security for present data and data adding up by the seconds. Interdependency of various financial institutes calls for massive joint reports thus mandating online support for customer satisfaction.


Technological developments require frequent training for agents. Online support can be the side support to agents as it runs on programmed knowledge base and automated dissemination of information. Management of content, channels, backend support, R&D, and much more can be easily studied and handled with omnichannel online support.


Dynamics like internal & external environment and demand & supply forces highly monitor sales and profit graphs in retail sector. Scattered distribution centers and user base pose yet another challenge for maintaining consistency. Online support offers quick adaption and minimal effort thus creating a same plane situation for the firm’s operations in enhancing CX and FCR scores.


Food, travel, and shopping are nevertheless fun with a seamless experience. Adventure sounds good when it makes your recreation smoother. Online support eases way for any customer by providing them with macro and micro aspects at the same time. Leisure requires value for money and a perfect insight for your what, where, when, and how. 24×7 customer support is thus, just the thing your customers need.


Social media and OTT platforms are now being increasingly used for customer engagement. Tracing user habits is easy and deducing a pattern to serve them with exactly what they are looking for. Online support in entertainment sector helps in problem solving alongside marketing keeping them satisfied and served.

Benefits of online support

Enhanced metrics

From creation of knowledge to automated response circulation, online support helps the customer care executives to reflect on their performances, match it against customer expectations and provide improved results thus improving call center metrics score card for better client retention.

Easier monitoring

Each conversation is recorded by backend and sampled at random. These are then studied to match the expected v/s delivered statistics. The level of agent performance, output quality, customer feedback, and customer loyalty are all monitored and reports exported for expert opinion to make amendments as seen necessary.

Effective output

Online support helps remove burden of repetitive and petty queries from agent desks. This helps them channel their expertise into more complex issues without getting interrupted by issues that need not be provided priority status and expert supervision. AI bots handle it for customers and use of NLP makes them even more conversation friendly.

Secured data

Database of every organization is a maze of their trade secrets, findings, and standings. Letting the firewall weaken makes entire organization vulnerable which is possible if data is accessible to all authorized. Online support thus, offers support while keeping customer data safe and locked unless needed otherwise.

Smoother communication

Cloud accessibility of an organization’s knowledge base not only enhances the quality of services offered via online support, but it also reduces the time involved in delivering solutions. It enables employees to communicate through a single platform across various teams.

Reduced costs

Cost of a bot and online support offered therefrom is far less as compared to cost incurred on human assistance. Training is shortened and operations are quicker. No break times while working too provides financial edge to the organizations. It helps them reallocate all human and financial resources into complex services, R&D, and much more.

Easy UI

Customers expect online support to be smooth, speedy, and easy to use. An interface that would confuse the user in its very appearance shall never do justice as a solution dissemination forum. Solutions distributed through self service and omnichannel platforms should thus be as easy as typing in a query and having apt solutions pop up with no struggle and minimum wait time.

Essentials of a good online support platform

  •       Clear communication
  •       Bot training via ML
  •       Accurate resolutions
  •       Connectivity through NLP
  •       Automated call management
  •       Customer oriented responses
  •       Quick learning capacity
  •       Manage report data


Online support is an upcoming requisite and not just another business trend or marketing tactic. The customers today are more aware and thus demand better attention delivered in a personalized manner. Through online support, not only can organizations win customer loyalty points, but they can also figure out loopholes in their own strategy and mend them. Such a platform is a consolidated foundation for any enterprise to build up its entire communication and customer service network.

Sorting data into information and circulating knowledge base thus created to intended parties solving customer issues with click of a button helps them to feel valued and be a part of organizational journey with occasional incentives and proper attention delivered in form of apt and timely solutions.

So the final question arrives; when you are at that holiday time off, would you expect returns worth even a penny less than it could actually be using online support services?


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