Posted On: December 31, 2020

6 easy steps to knowledge migration with Knowmax

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Worried about knowledge migration? Knowmax can help you in migrating knowledge not in months or weeks but in days.

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When the timeline of your activities moves up, it is important to scale your knowledge base integrations as well. Internal demand has created by an organization and it must be matched with apt supplies of budget, plan, actions, and correct software above all.

Easiest way of updating your knowledge base today involves verifying all numbers and data and assembling a report that is short and caters the demand immediately. The format of the articles can be changed into decision trees, visual device guides, interactive texts, and infographics.

What is knowledge migration?

When changing the overall form of your knowledge management from classic knowledge to lightening knowledge, you enter the process of knowledge migration. It is a step ahead in improvising your pre-existing content chart in a manner that makes it more engaging and self-explanatory to help your potential leads get a better conversion rate.

What is classic knowledge?

The old and standard forms of presenting your knowledge base as articles, FAQs, and help pages are called Classic Knowledge. It helps and serves the purpose of agents and end-users but takes ample time to raise, open, register, search, and close each query. With every second spent by your customers on the old school knowledge base of yours, the goodwill you have built over the years takes a drop.

What is lightening knowledge?

The solution to moving ahead from classic knowledge is called Lightening Knowledge. As the name itself suggests, lightning knowledge involves updating your knowledge base software with images, links, interlinked pages, guided workflows, and multimedia to make it a hub of interaction. It makes quests easy to solve and encourages the visitors to take the first step in posting a query or starting up a conversation. Coming directly from the customers, this provides an unhindered view in real-time of what they expect from you in terms of products, services, and communications.

Can you actually lose content during knowledge migration?

Well, let us understand this with a thoughtful scenario!

Let us say that you are redrafting your knowledge base and shifting it to a more fluent platform. The people at work are your employees and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). While each piece of information is being zeroed down, being put under a microscopic lens to see if it is still relevant, or if it needs to be updated, or removed; there are ample windows of an error being committed.

Now, let us say that you have deployed customised smartbots with multiple programming and integrations to scrutinize each article under a set of given commands deduced as a pattern by your experts. The outcome is further studied by the seniors and website admins adding a touch of complete care.

It is no news now that bots and automated response systems can work wonders if trained properly under right commands. They can work incessantly and are pilot tested. They can multitask and give you the perfect stitch in time, man-hours, and resources.

So, to conclude, yes you can lose your content while migrating your knowledge management software but that shall be an occurrence of your faulty deployments which is eliminated by Lightening Knowledge Migration Tool (LKMT).

Challenges overcome with knowledge migration

While securing good customer service metrics becomes easy with knowledge migration, a changed and user-friendly interface helps to attain better ESAT scores as well. This breaks the office monotony of work-life and encourages all departments to work together in a more constructive and creative manner.

6 steps to perfect knowlege migration

To update your knowledge base and migrate it into a better form using knowledge migration tools can be a complex activity but if it is carried with precision, using the right methods and following a proper set of steps, it can be real quick, easy, and resourceful.

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