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An intelligent chatbot is backed by the power of AI and is programmed with ML support. Chatbots are fed with information that needs to be merely observed and updated for dissemination to customers via an agent or self-service assistance. A chatbot can be integrated at any front with the website or mobile application for the enterprise. Chatbots can thus pick the query and use NLP to formulate responses in a conversational tone.


Features of intelligent chatbot

NLP conversations

Customers do not want to feel left unattended. Chatbots are essentially bots which might lead to customer churn if not catered personally. Chatbots use NLP to initiate and even carry forward a conversation. Natural language processing helps keep customers engaged and leave with unbiased feedback to support improvement.

Omnichannel integration

Businesses cannot divert opportunities to knock only where available. Omnichannel integration helps the enterprises to catch any lead any communicate directly with customers exactly at their point of availability with omnichannel integration. Consistency of knowledge base provides continuance even on change of media with no loss of time or quality.

Training and operation

It usually takes a fortune for organizations to establish a training department and onboard the agents with employees given personal attention. However, with bots, one just has to create a general program, update it from time to time, and deploy. Training is quite a cost efficient as is operations due to the absence of breaks and 24/7/365 working hours.

Human support

Technology has never been a replacement for human skills. It is just a deviation to make room for better-concentrated jobs that require even more fine skills for accomplishment. Any query thus, if remains unsolved by a bit, is automatically directed to human assistance for closure. It also helps the bot trainers get an insight into loopholes and mend the same through further training.


Advantages & benefits of AI chatbots


Chatbots are completely customizable with a wide range of options in templates, themes, font, etc. Just choose and apply templates that best suit your brand tone without compromising on the quality, appearance, interface, and content.

No coding creation

AI chatbots can be created as per business requirement and be modified at any point in time by the business developers themselves without coding. Bots today can be created through drag and drop feature making assembly possible with absolutely no coding required.

Improved CX

With chatbots, the solutions can be disseminated quickly with zero delays in real-time. It depends completely upon the customer as an issue can be raised and solved as well at any place and at any time. This keeps customers engaged, satisfied, and loyal to hold up the brand’s image in the market place.


AI chatbots are programmed to work incessantly thus without break. This reduces any delay in complaints as no break hours are taken except those that are spent on training and updates. Being omnipresent help as the bot can communicate and disseminate solutions via all channels in multiple languages.

Actionable insights

Each transaction by intelligent chatbots is recorded for analysis and studies in the future. These references are recorded and insights derived from them can be directly applied to learning and training methods. Derived on the job itself, no factorial changes have to be made while concluding thus making data analytics and reasoning simpler.


Understanding chatbot working

Intent identification

Chatbots can be trained to identify key phrases and keywords. This helps in forming the intent of the query posted thus popping up only the most relevant solution for the user. It is all done within a fraction of seconds. When a call pops by, AI intent identification uses speech to text to speech method mapping out keywords for solutions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

It is essential for your enterprise to be able to communicate with its customers not only on all fronts but also in their native languages so as to make them comfortable and keep them engaged until the solution delivered. This helps them deviate from the rising AHT to calmly sit through solution discovery and dissemination.


Impact on enterprise metrics

Customer service

The quality of service offered depends largely on the technique used to train bots, tests run, pilot project success, digital adaptation by the audience, and above all, the efficiency of the bot to handle traffic while communicating over multiple platforms in lesser time. Intelligent chatbots thus impact customer service levels with quick and apt responses.

Customer satisfaction

When customers are served properly, they can freely interact. This makes them feel like agents as representatives and not mere employees. Customers thus get mentally engaged with the organization’s operations and become a part of unpaid marketing campaign through word-of-mouth oral appreciation, brand recommendation, and social media tags.

Customer experience

Customer experience is a metric that starts to form a consumer’s opinion far before they even interact with your brand. It is an ongoing cycle that attracts customers to make inquiries, become potential buyers followed by attaining consumer status. It is entirely dependent on the experiences customers have in their journey to point that shapes their journey beyond into long term relation.

Customer engagement

Intelligent chatbots are specially designed to track and handle the traffic that arises from digital channels and platforms. Customers are engaged by providing seamless solutions, quick connectivity, easy user interface, graphic front, technical superiority, and interactive knowledge base to help visitors find a solution through self-service platforms.


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