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Why Is Information Overload Killing CX?

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We all dread interacting with customer support and be stuck on hold for eternity. The wait time and information overload, which is particularly challenging for the customer agent handling the call, is influenced by the agent’s ease of retrieving data. Customer experience often reflects the agent-customer interaction, with wait times being one of the driving factors for negative feedback.

However, not everything which goes on after you place your grievance to the agent is in their control. Call/Contact centers deal with massive amounts of data every day. Often, the agents might find themselves dealing with stacks of unrelated and irrelevant information leading to delays and an irritated consumer at the other end.

The era of excessive information

The biggest concern of Call centers is handling the incoming information from consumers and analyzing past data to build a Knowledge Base that is relevant, up-to-date, and easy to search. The overwhelming data causes a problem for Contact centers managers and executives, who often find it challenging to extract meaningful data and dump the needless content.

The fear of losing out on legit information leads to a vast accumulation of data over time, leading to bulky Knowledge Bases and more time to traverse relevant details. For example, the average handle time, one of the critical metrics for contact centers, has become less influential and doesn’t tell the story of a complete customer journey. Sustaining optimal AHT rates often causes agents to focus more on speed than service quality.

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Impact of information overload on customer experience

Information overload is the significant reason for longer wait and resolution times. If an agent has to go through unstructured content, the experience could be badly affected. Seamless information with various graphic cues, possible upcoming questions, and in-depth information about the consumer’s issue is essential for agents to deal with consumers quickly and effectively. 

The biggest challenge of recognizing and removing obsolete data is now considered one of the contact centers’ primary objectives. Companies use specialized tools to retrieve valuable information and add it to the Knowledge Base

How to avoid information overload and improve CX?

1. Understanding pain points

Customers expect quick and accurate resolution of their issues; they also want the solution at their first contact point. Over time, common questions and problems start becoming more evident. Understanding these pain points in detail and training customer agents helps solve issues instantly. 

2. Using Technology to avoid information overload

Using an AI-ready support platform will help reduce the manual load on agents and focus on making the customer experience more engaging and friendly. AI also helps maintain and keep the Knowledge Base up to date, and a sturdy Knowledge Base is a key to a great customer experience.

3. Personalized experience

Giving the consumers an experience that feels tailor-made for them enhances the customer experience to a new dimension. Personalization for customers is something companies and their customer support are taking as a necessity rather than a luxury.


Information is essential for customer support centers, often proving to be the backbone of effective communication and problem resolution. However, stacking upon years and years of data without crushing out the relevant information could be catastrophic for both customer agents and consumer experience. Knowmax provides an AI-driven Knowledge Base that removes redundant and outdated information received at service points. It also constantly updates the Knowledge base with new information helping agents to resolve customer problems accurately.

Knowmax is an Omnichannel Knowledge Management Platform for Enterprises. It is an enterprise-grade knowledge management platform that helps find actionable information from an ever-increasing sea of information. Knowmax ensures a single source of reliable data and brings consistency and reliability while troubleshooting consumer issues. 


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