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5 Ways How Knowledge Management Can Help Improve Self-service

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Self-service is one of the most critical aspects of customer engagement. 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Taking proper care to improve self-service channels should happen along with the assisted media.

When businesses carry out any activity, the focus on customer experience is about 45.9% on average. Pricing and product are essential factors that work alongside these factors. While pricing and the product are necessary, the way you can map your customer’s journey and stay alongside them through the experience marks the distinction of a good brand in a customer’s eye. 

1. Importance of self-service

It is understood unspoken that all businesses care about their customers. What makes customers interested in any product or service is their brand value. This includes services that are available to the customers. Self-service is one such important medium that helps reach many customers, converts the general public to customers, and reduces load at assisted customer service channels.

2. Reach customers across channels

In the post-pandemic era, we all know that customer service needs to have an omnichannel support presence. Some customers have stopped business with certain brands because they do not provide extensive services across all channels. Or the customer’s preferred channel. 

Reaching customers at their preferred channel is a deal maker or breaker. Want to know why? If a customer goes on your website or app and does not find enough information to peak interest, they will leave.

3. Convenience

Customers’ convenience is essential. The importance to improve self-service is that it elevates the comfort of the customers. A customer would needs answers or solutions immediately. 

Having a self-service option allows the customer to solve a question at any preferred time. Self-service is a channel that does not need the help of customer service executives. A self-service portal can provide help 24*7. 

4. Brand value

Millennials are interested in brand value. If you are a vegan brand, if you are cruelty-free, and so on. What adds to the list of things included in brand value is the ability for the customer to solve queries through self-service. 

Other than millennials, customers are generally more likely to suggest or recommend your brand through word of mouth if they have had a good customer service experience. The opposite or harmful effects can also be the result of a bad customer service experience. 

5. Brings in customers

When a customer looks for a product, they would like to know what the company is all about and would like to know what is being offered to them as a customer. They would even want to browse in-depth on a product or service that the company provides. 

Self-service is incredibly helpful in turning passerby or window shoppers into actual customers. It is possible if information regarding a product is given in detail, so there is no need for the customer to contact anyone for more details.

More than 50% of customers think it is better to solve issues themselves rather than rely on customer service

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5 ways how knowledge management improves self service

A knowledge base software helps create, curate, distribute content across the organization and even outside. To improve customer experience on self-service channels one a business needs to use knowledge management. Self-service through knowledge management software has the following plus points.

Knowledge base for self service

1. Consistency across platforms

With so many channels, sometimes it so happens that customers are not given the same information across channels. If your business has a website and an app, its information not being the same affects the consistency. 

Self-service through a knowledge base ensures that information stays the same throughout the channels used no matter what medium you use. Maintaining consistency of information instills respect and trust towards your brand. 

2. Better navigation

It often happens that customers are unable to find FAQs or articles to help solve their queries. Sometimes they might not have information at the right place, or the section might be hidden. 

Through self-service enabled by knowledge management software, all information can be accessed from a single section. This makes customers navigate by themselves and find all relevant information in the correct paragraphs or subheads. 

3. Automated chat

It isn’t easy to have your customers wait for a long time to get to their turn. A customer does not have to call or wait for a call center agent to chat on the other side with an automated chat. Automated chat on self-service platforms is the way to go. 

Chatbots supported by an AI-based knowledge management platform can enable automated chats. Features like decision trees can be deployed in the conversation itself so customers can resolve by themselves. 

4. Omnichannel care

To have a loyal customer base in the new age of technology, you need to establish self-service. But this is not enough, you should also be able to serve the customers this information when they need it, and on the platforms they prefer. 

Omnichannel care supported by a knowledge base not only deploys information consistently across all platforms but is also available at the customer’s time of convenience. Added to that, businesses can cater to their customers across all channels.

5. Contactless support

In the post-pandemic era, customers increasingly prefer contactless customer support methods. The more a business is open to it, the more it can grow in this post-pandemic world of the 21st century. 

Contactless support can be extended through customer self-service options through a knowledge management platform. With the support of a knowledge base, businesses can enable contactless support. This also helps in increased first contact resolution. 


Self-service through a knowledge base system has many advantages from a customer’s point of view and the point of view of a customer service executive. To be the cool business in town, you need to provide self-service options to customers. This not only helps customers achieve satisfaction, but it also helps your business grow. 

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