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FCR: A Vital Customer Service Metric For Valuable Business Outcomes

Customer Support is not just limited to operations now but an overall experience that defines the reliability of a brand. This query response strategy was started with calls; then emails and today through any available digital channel. Although, as the business hierarchy is getting digitized & customer support is evolving, the abbreviation FCR is transforming as well.

Calls were a thing of early days, transforming gradually with plenty of digital channels coming up, the term is no longer restricted to First Contact Resolution rate but ‘improve FCR’ as well. Seems challenging already? Now, the customers are more driven towards the platforms that are easily accessible, and just a click away! Resolve customer queries in the first contact but quickly and win loyalty for a lifetime.

A study states that customer satisfaction ratings for the company, in general, will be 35 to 45 percent lower when a second call is made for the same issue.

There’s no other way to go beyond customers’ expectations as technology will continue to enhance the business landscape, enterprises need to be innovative to stay ahead of the competition. If agents won’t get AI-backed tools for transforming CX, it can also deplete the results of customer satisfaction. Lower satisfaction rates mean that there are higher chances of customers will switch to other brands. So, how can we mend this problem?

Technologies helping improve FCR

The tasks that agents perform in customer service processes undoubtedly demand too much time; resulting in slow operations. On the flip side, if every process of customer service functions with technology, that can go a long way in customer service. When customer service agents are trained well & are provided with cutting-edge tools to communicate, they can drive valuable experience throughout the organization. CX heads are understanding the value of customer-centric techniques and AI is serving as the main driver behind it; creating ample space to not only manage information but circulating it equally.

Make agents CX experts

Knowledge base software is an apt collaboration of artificial intelligence and FCR improvisation strategy. This means a technology that manages knowledge while enabling agent-friendly tools give businesses the freedom to enhance productivity at work. Not only this, agents through knowledge management software can properly look into the customers’ matters. Agents can simply turn every interaction into a remarkable experience with artificial intelligence tools integrated into the knowledge base. With the majority of customers opting for self-service mediums, knowledge base software is the perfect roadmap. Improving FCR just through a single medium assist agent in driving valuable feedback.

Knowmax, coming forth as one of the prominent knowledge base software helps enterprises to improve FCR through AI guided tools such as:

  • Picture Guides: Visual representation of answers/solutions related to consumers’ queries. Simple yet effective pieces of knowledge to demonstrate solutions with easy-to-follow steps.
  • Decision Trees: Step-by-step workflows leading to resolutions with the capability to be integrated with 3rd party systems as well as chatbots. This decision tree software streamlines queries in easy clicks.

Precisely, these tools help agents to locate answers quickly at that time when they are confused in delivering appropriate resolutions. Interactive FAQs help agents to read and understand information briskly. Content’s easy findability leads to higher satisfaction rates in first contact resolution. Knowmax is not limited to just these benefits, it also allows CX heads to measure analytics for smooth-running of operations. CX managers can create reports according to previous or currently enabled content or information.

FCR, being one of the prime factors responsible for C-SAT, enterprises should have a solution that helps them meet innovation mingled in exceptional service by support agents.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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