Posted On: January 6, 2020

Self Service In The Necessity Of Present Era | Know Why?

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Self Service is something that allows providing online support to the customers at the exact moment of need. It should be easy to use. In today’s era, self-care develops a customer-centric culture that lets you understand your customer’s requirements and meeting their needs in a better way.

In 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with the enterprise without interacting with a human.


Today when a customer faces the problem with the product or the service they no longer need to dial the customer care and wait to connect a call. With the availability of self-service platforms on the digital channels, customers can easily report a problem or can check out the FAQs, Knowledgebase and discussion forums to find the answers.

Easy Findability

Customers lack patience in today’s era. Consumers don’t want to wait but find their own answers anytime and anywhere. So, there has to be the availability of knowledge at the digital touchpoints in the form of FAQ & Articles, online forums, chatbots, etc. The need for knowledge is immediate and it helps in enhancing the customer experience to meet their expectations. Through easy findability, customers can easily support themselves.

“70% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to get answers to their questions rather than use phone or email,”.


Empower your customer through self service

As discussed earlier, customers don’t want to connect human support instead try to find out answers on their own. Self-care empowers customers as they can resolve their own issues without connecting human support. Customers can even log a complaint on the website and can get regular updates on their ticket.

Self service is cost-effective

For businesses nowadays, ROI plays an important role and it has to be on the higher side.  Self Service portal works much quicker than any customer care representative, which means more queries can be resolved in less time. This results in a reduction in OPEX cost.

Reduce Ticket Resolution Time and Increase C-SAT

Self-service will helps in reducing the resolution time for an agent. If a query is not being resolved through self-care and customer contacts support team for further assistance the agent will be able to access the customer journey. This can help the agent understand the customer needs and no time resolution can be provided. This saves time for both sides and improved customer satisfaction.

More Accurate

Self service is said to be far more accurate as there is less involvement of humans. Self-service has AI-powered articles by highlighting the top asked questions in the form of FAQs. Generalize the questions, it would become easy for customers to view it and make use of it. For instance, you can give a heading to the section saying “Most Popular FAQs”.

This can be done by making the use of the search behavior of customers.

Provides 24/7 Support

Self care provides support around the clock to the customers. They don’t have to wait until the morning to resolving their queries. Self care portal can be integrated with a website as well as an app of your organization. They can find the answer either by log in a ticket or through the self-service portal.


In today’s era Self-service is a win-win for any organization. It improves the customer experience through the C-SAT and the fast resolution. As customers don’t want to waste their time calling or chatting with the customer service agents and want to self help themselves without dependency.


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