Posted On: February 12, 2020

How Knowledge Management Is Making Employee Onboarding Simpler In 2021

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Knowledge management is the process of simplification of knowledge for consumption by each sect of its users. The primary user however, is the organization’s own staff. They are not only responsible or pilot testing of this knowledge base but also to derive revenue by use of the same. Employee onboarding too, is required to be smooth, friendly, and incentivizing.


Importance of employee onboarding

Research by Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. It provides flexibility to the job and roots mental peace and loyalty for employee to truly invest their self with the organization’s growth.

Successful employee onboarding doesn’t merely mean recruiting a bunch of freshers, training them to perfection, and roll them to newer responsibilities. It instead means hiring from a pool of suitable candidates and presenting them with a mentorship and training that could give both employees and the organization as well, a mutual benefit to share from.

Knowledge management helps coordinate employee onboarding in the following manner:

  • Standardization of employee orientation
  • Improve employee retention
  • Employees understand their roles better
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Better customer engagement


Role of knowledge management in employee onboarding

  • Training new hires about everything they need to learn about at the new job.
  • How to meet the deadlines, and how to work smartly avoiding overburdening while also maintaining high work quality.
  • Who to work with in order to accomplish the tasks and learn and grow on job.

Knowledge management provides seamless support for employee onboarding. Below are the reasons why knowledge management is essential for your onboarding process.

Reduces Onboarding Time

The quicker your new employee has the ability and certainty to manage the work, the better. They need to be trained about everything from partner names and functions to new cycles, devices, arrangements, data about customers, work environment guidelines.

With the use of information the executives apparatuses, the entire onboarding cycle can be made quicker as these give a coordinated stroll through of your frameworks and cycles, making it easier for the new employees. With information the board programming, you can walk the new representatives through any cycle, giving relevant assistance and even video at each progression of the work process.

Standardize Processes

With archived and shared cycles, it’s anything but difficult to ensure that everybody is on the same wavelength and following affirmed methodology. These will make less disarray inside the association regarding job processes.

Easy Accessibility of information

Employees approach the knowledge base they need at the time they need it. They must not need to revisit jotted notes from months prior to discover the data. The information the board devices have their back at whatever point the knowledge is needed with no issue. The knowledge can be identified with the organization approaches, venture related, or something identified with their undertaking.

Improves Productivity

At the point when employees have what they require to manage their responsibility, they can be more profitable on job. With appropriate knowledge management set up, they can get to the information they need, and continue being gainful on the floor. The agent doesn’t have to allude to an alternate source of information which in any case for the most part burns through a great deal of season of the employee.

Improves Confidence

It becomes disappointing when not knowing the responses to straightforward inquiries takes up agent’s time. What’s more, for a basic inquiry, the new representative could be squandering a ton of their time.

Setting pre acquired information through knowledge management helps locate the perfect answers at the perfect time. You feel more enabled when you discover answers all alone, in a ground breaking, strong, and supportive work environment.

In light of their experience inside the initial three months of their new job, the new employee onboarded chooses whether they will stay with the organization on a long term basis or a momentary premise. Subsequently, the onboarding time is exceptionally significant to retain the employees. Additionally, as enrolling is exorbitant – guarantee that the representative has a smooth onboarding.

Strengthens Communication and Collaboration

Knowledge management helps colleagues to handily speak with each other and process information in like manner. This aides better cooperation among the colleagues which brings about augmenting the estimation of their ability.

With legitimate knowledge management among the executives, it makes a progression of information across all departments of your organization. The simpler this data streams to your different colleagues, the more probable they are to stay with your organization well into what’s to come.


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