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Contactless Support For Field Service Agents Using Knowledge Management

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Knowledge management software acts as a guide for every user. For field service workers, they do not have an office environment or a corporate space. They are expected to work skillfully despite having hours of travel and loads of equipment on them. They don’t even have a colleague next seat to ask for help when facing difficulties.

Agents can commit minor errors but the customers shall not be extending an olive branch for the same. They, more often than not, expect a super human technical/mechanical genius to fly in as soon as an issue is raised and to resolve it in no time. Collateral service costs and expenses of visits are quite high and the returns aren’t as good especially if a single complaint is dragged out to multiple visits for closure.

Contactless support is the need of the hour. Know how you can leverage this capability

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Top 14 advantages of KMS for field service agents

1. Co browsing

Using co-browsing capability, businesses can bring two or more parties on the same page virtually. This ensures communication between organizations and customers over multiple touchpoints. With this service, service agents can resolve customer’s issues effectively, remotely, and also decide what issues are worth a visit to the site through a preliminary screening

2. Effective customer engagement

Field service agents usually go to a user’s place of presence, analyze the device, and start processing the solution. What’s sidelined here is customer engagement. They need active participation in the process; thus, it is essential to keep them engaged with relevant trivia for communication. The application of knowledge management allows active participation from the customer’s end as well and keeps them at the core of the process.

3. Speedy resolution

Field service executives are human agents with robotic and high-end technical aids at their disposal. Some complicated issues still could catch them off guard wherein help from backend, quick findability, and in-depth articles speed resolution process.

4. Operational efficiency

Knowledge management systems facilitate CX leaders and service agents to track the performance and pin down pain points. Self-assessment helps in delivering highly targeted and personalized training thus drastically improving operational efficiency and KPIs.

5. Better decision making

When field agents have the support of a well-managed knowledge software at their disposal, they can take final steps quickly. At times, the dilemma related to petty decisions can leave an adverse impact but when every single detail is put down, servicing with confidence can be delivered.

6. Financial savings

Each agent specializes in a particular area of the product. It could be banking, insurance, technical, or telecom. Deploying the right expert brain in the right position is a real saver for your piggy bank. Further to this, when the field visits are reduced, it drastically cuts on OPEX and improves efficiency. The visits could be scheduled by time and locality sorting, saving visit time and fuel costs.

7. Advanced tech support

With knowledge management software, the field support executives have access to advanced technologies like voice guidance and AR/VR support. In case of easy solutions, this might even save a trip while dealing with P1 issues, it helps the agents to be confident and swift.

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