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Ensure better document collaboration tool in working groups

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Today knowledge is more important than ever. Thus, the need of document collaboration tool is beyond sharing files online. Imagine a typical team collaboration scenario which you face. You along with your co-workers are preparing a report for monthly content hits which means now you’ll refer to a number of tools and spreadsheets to be able to collect data about the content used entire month, the number of views and downloads, the conversion rates, and so on.

You need to collate data from multiple other documents and platforms. To be able to work more effectively with your team, you need an organized folder for all of your files/information. A single location would be preferable to carry out this task smoothly. Here comes the part knowledge management system where document collaboration goes hand-in-hand with knowledge management.


Business challenges in Information management

1. Fragmented information sources

  • Siloed information formats i.e. pdf, word, excel
  • A Lot of documents in Documentation management systems

2. Findability and searchability

  • Excess of information available
  • Information not available at the right time

3. No unified flow of information across channels

  • No uniformity of content
  • Multiple owners for multiple touch points

4. Contextual and actionable information

  • Dedicated Knowledge management no available
  • Current ecosystem a challenge for beginners and non-assisted channels


Why Use knowledge management as a document collaboration tool?

Knowledge management system acts as a knowledge repository that helps to create, curate and transfer information allowing enterprises to digitally grow their business strategies and expand opportunities in customer experience. It seamlessly ideates, collects, and shares information that improves business efficiency. Knowledge management simplifies the creation of data, empowering support agents to find and understand information in a much simpler way.

According to a report published by Zion Market Research, the global knowledge management market was valued at approximately USD 206.900 billion in 2016 and it is expected to reach over USD 1.232 trillion by 2025. The global knowledge management market is expected to grow at an overall growth rate of 495% and a CAGR of more than 22% between 2017 and 2025.

We are sitting in the second decade of the 21st century. With all the technological advancement we have, finding a document and collaborating tool should be a no barrier for global businesses.

With Knowledge management as your document collaboration tool, all your organizational information will be on a single, searchable platform. Now you can browse by category or tag. Instead of struggling to guess the exact file name and type it in the search bar, you can use google-like search that will instantly show you the most relevant results at the right time


Real-time collaboration

If several team members often work on the same deliverable, a document collaboration tool can save you from headache and put an end to the multiple versions of the same file.

Ability to manage the review process

Sharing feedback over email can be ineffective because inboxes are always over filled. A document collaboration tool lets you and your co-workers focus on the task at hand, mitigating all other distractions.

Usage tracking and reporting

When you’re training a new employee and you want to know if they saw your onboarding instructions, or any other training module, you can easily track those details.

Centralized knowledge repository

Organize your files into a searchable vault which makes it easier to manage the collective knowledge of the team and easy information transfer across departments.

Capabilities of knowledge management can cater all the business challenges in document collaboration and in easy findability & multi-channel content curation. The information can be accessible in the form of:

Interactive Decision Tree

Interactive decision tree software resolves complex queries and simplifies customer interactions to a few clicks. Streamline technical processes for support teams and customers with a step-by-step intuitive workflow.

Picture Guides

Picture Guides is the visual assistance that agents need while troubleshooting complex customer interactions. Ensure the best for agents and users by allowing for faster and efficient resolutions using picture guides. Foster digital adoption and self-service with visual components of knowledge management systems.

Knowledge Base

From ‘how-to’ articles to frequently asked questions, manage all relevant information that users need to navigate through queries with knowledge base software.

AI Chatbot

With artificial intelligence on our side, our team at Knowmax helps you build virtual assistants for customer engagement. Make AI Chatbots more efficient and reliable to enrich digital experiences and power human-like exchanges between customers and your brand.

Learning management system

A simple, intuitive, and interactive LMS Software for making employee training and onboarding more efficient. It not only allows users to learn at their own pace but also ensures proficiency.


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