How Digital Adoption Plays An Important Role For The Telecom Industry?

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Digital Adoption for telecom

The biggest challenge for the telecom industry is to drive customer value & scale operations. To add value and maintain quality of service, industry-wide need to capitalize on next-generation technology. Such as digital adoption platform with product adoption features like – AI assistance, Apt qualitative analysis, personalized experience, operational agility, and In-App digital support.

That platform allows Telecom providers to embrace a simplified approach to digital adoption, boosting back-end system efficiency, harnessing user analytics and proactively pushing digital self-support.

Digital Adoption platform comes in the telecom industry to analyze call pattern data to better understand their customers’ habits and predict their requirements and thus offer better services at the right time and price.

Digital Adoption Platform Features

Keep users engaged, converting, and learning with responsive in-app guidance.


  • Make an interactive walkthrough to guide users to learn. App guide helps to users to take action by responding to triggers other than just a click
  • By department your walkthrough to take each where they need to go
  • User-friendly and modal windows for users attention
  • Automation- Send an in-app message to send configurations URL or Help link about users’ queries.


  • Intelligent content that appears for the right user at the right time
  • User’s navigation to highlight new features and answer a question before they ask it.
  • Customize the user interface to get more help where they need it.


  • By using a feedback survey form to find out how to improve your productivity or service
  • A quick question of whether it is efficient and effective, this improves in-app survey response rates


  • Users required self-help instead to go searching
  • Elastic search to find the help articled they need
  • The dedicated and contextual segment, Filter feature help in the context where they are in the platform
  • Adaptable platform- Modified and customized for new users also with API integration features, easily manage productivity. A descriptive interface assists users to understand knowledge operations.
  • Checklist to improve user’s onboarding completion rates by motivating users and help them to complete a task in the right order.


  • Support all languages, Flexible translation workflow so we can support the global audience
  • Translation into all languages so you can help your users all over the word
  • You can switch the language on the interface based on the application environment


3rd party integration-

  • Digital adoption plays well with others, A platform can be integrated with any CRM, telephony platform or any kind of 3rdpart application.\


Digital Adoption for Telecom Operators 

Digital adoption for employee

“Digital Transformation – Employees should adopt digital tools with ease to work efficiently and meet customer expectations. New technology must be fully adopted by employees despite resistance to change. Digital adoption platform will help the telecom sector to execute their digital transformation strategies & bring the operations”

“Employee Training – Training for employees is costly and time-intensive. To boost new hire productivity, Digital adoption will make it easy for an employee to achieve and retain proficiency in complex software system”

“Software Implementation – Since training is costly, time-consuming, and decrease productivity, Organisations must adopt a software implementation plan along with new technologies to keep pace with advancing digital capabilities”

“Employee productivity – Organizations invest in digital systems but receiving lower return and employee is focusing on platform or application with their full strength but as a result, they’re not able to deliver productivity. This is due to without accurate information on how exactly the system is being used eventually additional investment is required for training and support. DAP is helping to increase employee productivity by encouraging an employee to learn and engage with guidance”


Digital Adoption for Product

“Product Adoption – DAP for product adoption is helping to improve customer experience and drives adoption of your web, application to increase retention, reduce support and drive growth”

“Self Service Support – Delight your end customer with contextual guidance when they need it at the right time. It drives adoption and self-service in the moment of need with contextual guidance, Interactive training, and quizzes, knowledge integration”

“Revenue Growth – DAP helps you to learn so much about your customers. It delights your customer through personalized guidance, engagement and automation.

DAP for Customer

“Customer Care – Customer loyalty would increase by choosing good customer care with intuitive self-support and engaging user experience. Reduce the need of support and improve online self-service for your customers. By choosing digital adoption guide your customer through support solution”

“Customer Onboarding – Digital Adoption helps organizations streamline customer onboarding, making it easier, faster and more effective, It will help you optimize your customer onboarding process, allowing your software and customer to reach their highest potential”

“Customer Success – Digital Adoption helps to improve the customer lifecycle to drive success and engagement. For customer satisfaction, we need a system with quick and efficient customer onboarding, smooth user experience.


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