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Building Knowmax: The Ultimate Customer Engagement Platform

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Rumor has it that the concept for Uber was born one winter night during the conference when the pair was unable to get a cab. Initially, the idea was for a timeshare limo service that could be ordered via an app. After the conference, the entrepreneurs went their separate ways, but when Camp returned to San Francisco, he continued to be fixated on the idea and bought the domain name UberCab.com.

Idea of Knowmax

“The best products are developed by people who’ve faced a problem and took it into their own hands to solve it. Our story is similar to that”

At KocharTech, we worked with every telecom operator in India around 2006, helping the adoption of mobile & wireless data for over 500 million subscribers globally. Data services back then were not an easy task to deliver. New smartphones were flooding the markets every month. Mobile Operators came up with new plans and packages, mobile data proliferated to the Indian masses with better accessibility and affordability, and more and more people wanted to use data on their phones. But troubleshooting the same and getting services activated across a range of smartphones was always difficult. It was an impossible task to keep our support specialists updated on all types of smartphones and their troubleshooting criteria.

Building Knowmax

This gave rise to Knowmax. We sourced every phone in the market and created simulators & device guides for over 40+ scenarios including and other than troubleshooting steps, which was backed with closed-ended and interactive decision trees. Knowmax helped us reduce our Average Handle Time of tickets at contact centers by 20% and enabled us to resolve more queries.

Result? We were the premium support partners for almost every operator in India.

We became the go-to partner for the Telecom industry. Orders began pouring in and deployments were requested for multiple locations, vendor partners, retail outlets, and even internal teams.

It was this time that we decided to invest time, effort & resources in building Knowmax as a global product.

With experience in running contact center operations for multiple industries and brands of all scales, we built Knowmax as a Customer Engagement Platform fit for any organization.

We went back to the drawing board and listed down the challenges faced at our multiple locations and gathered feedback from all our site heads, operations heads, and even some support specialists as they were going to be the end-users of this platform. We also consulted with our clients to ascertain the challenges they face while engaging with customers over a digital platform.

With all our learnings combined, we started charting out the components and core features that would finally create an impact and change the course of efficiency and productivity of contact centers.

The Beginning

Beginning of Knowmax

Given our experience in data services and with telecom operators, we began approaching MNOs, MVNOs, ISPs & OEMs to leverage our rich repository of device guides. But we did not stop at that.

Having worked closely with Telecom Operators and also handling contact center operations for them, we saw a huge area of improvement that helped us build our product better. We introduced Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software, which is used not just by operators but also by Logistics Companies, E-Commerce Players, and Banks amongst others today. We moved on to develop Self-healing SDKS that became a part of the self-care app for many brands, finally helping in call deflection and better customer service.

We worked with international brands like 2 Degrees Telecom, New Zealand initially, and moved on to different geographies such as the UK and the Middle East. Having deployed our products and services across more than 20 countries, Knowmax has been widely accredited for enhancing contact center efficiency by over 30%.

Our Success Metrics

Our Success Metrics

While there are hundreds of data sets that we capture, we define our business numbers in the form of quantifiable parameters such as:

1. Reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT)

2. Reduction in Support Cost

3. Enhancement of C-SAT & NPS scores

Internally we work on 2 core parameters of success

1. Product Adoption

2. Product Usage (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Today Knowmax is deployed in over 25 countries and is used by brands across multiple industries such as E-Commerce, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Travel, NGOs, and many more.

Since its inception, our product feature set has evolved and our engineering team works to develop newer features on a 12-month-ahead product roadmap. Knowmax features are developed around current market requirements and always revolve around customer engagement and experience.

Our Current Product Portfolio

Knowmax current Product Portfolio

Our Roadmap

Knowmax Roadmap

(Expected Launch Date – December 2020):

  • Augmented Reality
  • Co-Browsing
  • Mobile App
  • Robust LMS & QMS

Our Journey Towards SaaS

Knowmax Journey Towards SaaS

Around June 2018, we decided to change the look & feel of our enterprise-looking product and transform it to become more of a Do It Yourself platform, to help CX professionals build content for support teams and self-service for customers.

Building SaaS was a unique journey. We started with defining our buyer persona to identify:

  • Content Creator
  • Agents
  • Training Managers
  • CX Heads
  • Operations Heads
  • End Consumers

Talking with our existing customers along with on-going prospects to get feedback allowed us an insight into what they believed was missing in Knowmax as a product, and areas where we could improve upon.

This helped us in re-doing the basic UI & Wireframing of the product. Post which we moved to an engineering team that used our existing development to work with this new UI. We deployed heatmaps and gathered multiple data sets related to the product, which helped us understand the behavior of different users across the platform.

Our Key Differentiator

Knowmax Key Differentiator

We’re not just a product company; we run Business Process Management Operations for leading brands, and this helps us to craft our product effectively for driving Customer Experience. We also help in providing professional services for content creation & migration.

As an organization, each of our team members approaches any given situation with the mindset of delivering solutions. Our promise to resolve problems and provide solutions that help someone allows us to proudly say:

Ask us for solutions

And it is that and our single statement of standing today that validates our presence across industries:

 “95% retention rate of clients”

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