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7 Benefits of using cloud call center software

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Knowmax is a cloud call center software that helps in create, curate, and distribute knowledge at assisted as well as digital channels.

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61% of customers agree that the most important aspect of customer service is how knowledgeable the customer service representative is. Which means a poorly aware agent might lead to poor customer service. Are your call center agents equipped with all cloud call center softwares?

Call centers these days are up to date with a lot of technologies for agents to keep track of data in actual time. However, for call centers to function effectively, integrating mapping of knowledge becomes incredibly necessary. 

The biggest challenge for a call center here is to bring together all information at the right time on one platform rather than different platforms on the same system. This is a challenge because scrambling for information would mean missing information and increased Average Handling Time of call.

Before finding out on how to integrate technologies for effective service, let us first look at the call center one might operate and the technologies used there. We classify call centers into two, based on technology used. A traditional call center would mean an office space where an organization’s agents solve customers’ queries over call. A cloud based call center has a collection of applications supported on cloud services.

For any call center, use of a few techniques is absolutely important to maintain a proper system in the organisation. Following are technologies important for any call center:

1. Telephony

In its essential sense, telephony relates to telecommunications. It refers to the customer service agents calling for services, agents using telephones to communicate with the customer. Resources like computers and the internet might also be used to provide solutions.

Maintaining a traditional case of telephony would mean recent up gradations of technology are important for agents ease. Up gradation of gadgets is required since they rely exclusively on this .

2. CRM

The full form of CRM is Customer Relationship Management. Customer relationship management entails all activities related to customers right from collecting data base, managing customer loyalty to customer service.

There are so many activities in branches to keep track of  especially. For a manager to get behind and track all this information would require a CRM system that comes with CRM software. This helps customize and track all required information to keep track of.

3. Knowledge Base

For any activity in a call center, a repository of information has to exist for access to the use of a call center agent. This repository of information that could contain information on all topics or queries.

A knowledge base helps in moving, maintaining and distributing content across the organization. A knowledge base integration can support the activities mentioned and in addition, an online knowledge base supports all of this in real time as the information is all stored on cloud.

How does a cloud based call center fit into all of this ?

The above major technologies are the need of any call center. However, they are separate technologies with no compulsory integration. This is exactly where a cloud based call center solution comes up. Imagine all your technologies on one single platform.

How a cloud based technology fits into all of this is it acts as the perfect means to integrate all the technologies a cloud based call center uses. Even if one has call center software, it increases efficiency only when it’s used correctly. The easiest way to achieve this is creating a call center cloud. One can create a call center cloud using cloud based knowledge base integration software that ropes all different activities into one platform.

All this ultimately leads to speedy resolution of queries, which is exactly what customers need. 77% of customers mark speedy resolutions as a parameter of wonderful service.

Cloud call center software : The future is now

Call centers enabled by cloud based technology make your call centers contact centers with a futuristic approach. Cloud call centers are not what is to be expected in the future but something you should be implementing at call centers  right now.

7 Benefits of cloud call center software:

1. VoIP calls

VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. Could call center solutions can enable calls of agents with customers with the requirement of just a broadband connection and no requirement of depending on a phone line.

In traditional call centers, upgrading of technology used to make calls is a must and an expensive investment when looking at individual agent requirements. A cloud based call center solution solves this problem.

2. Simple installation

Hardware used at call centers comes with a lot of baggage. The first step would involve getting licenses and end up paying more because of lack of customization. With a cloud based call center software you can do all this at minimal cost.

A cloud based software keeps track and charges on only what is used by the company. In addition to that there are next to no costs incurred for extra licenses as one can provide customizable solutions as per requirements.

3. Maintenance of  technology

In a call center run with the help of a lot of technology that takes up space and maintaining it for prolonging periods of time. This is eliminated when a call center in the cloud is used.

A call center in the cloud services niche maintains all operations on a cloud through the internet. So maintaining any hardware would be the responsibility of the cloud based service providers and yours would only be to pick the right one.

4. Top security

When functions in a call center are on premises it is hard to track who is doing what and protect where the information is going. This would mean loopholes in security of highly confidential information.

With a cloud based call center software, everything is encrypted and safe under this umbrella. Everything you want to protect is protected with the utmost high security . The cloud based technology also helps the designated authorize access selectively.

5. Personnel and cost

As cloud based software is created and maintained by the service providers as a server based program. In a normal scenario call centers would require IT and other personnel to manage and handle the technology.

By using a cloud based software you are cutting down costs on personnel as you do not need them to maintain your systems. Some services offer DIY no code applications making it ever easier to make scripts etc.

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