Posted On: February 20, 2020

AI Chatbot Escorting Live Agents- Winning CX Score

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Anyone can do away with your product or service or at least create something very close. As a consequence, providing a superior customer experience (CX) has become a top priority to help businesses conquer pressure. After all, no one can replicate the personal touch that you give to your clients! A mix of live agents and chatbot can now be used to improve the CX thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Gartner Says 25 Percent of Customer Service Operations Will Use Virtual Customer Assistants by 2020.

A chatbot is an AI program capable of simulating consumer interactions (or chatting). The chatbots of today are cool! Yes, businesses can now use smart bots powered by Machine Learning to optimize sentiment analysis. AI Chatbot can now review consumer data to find out what questions to ask and what prompts answers.

Chatbots can provide you with tons of info

If customers call the contact center, it’s typically because they’ve got a problem— they’re probably frustrated too. When your agent reacts to a request or begins an instant conversation with a customer, he/she needs to be ready. Otherwise, agents can aggravate even more that already an irritated customer! Agents can’t just spend time looking around for customer information while the consumer is waiting & they need not.

A well-built messaging network with a fully optimized bot would drag all customer information into the interface of the agent immediately. If agents have a single view of customer information, it is easier to provide consistent service. By constantly gathering consumer information (and reviews when it’s over) meet the needs of your clients. A chatbot can now substitute a form or question usually sent by email; before it finishes, the bot will gather input within the discussion. To further develop the CX, this offers more reliable and immediate results.

Bots are providing immediate solutions

Although there are many occasions when a bot is not the right choice for CX, there are just as many cases when a bot is a perfect solution for customer service. For example, chatbots can manage simple queries quite quickly and accurately. If your bot will respond immediately, including answering simple questions like “How do I reset my password? “So, what’s my balance?”, You’re going to save money for your customers and employees! Even when coping with more complex questions like My machine is not running? I’m not sure what’s wrong! AI chatbot will quickly gather the appropriate customer information until they meet a live person, saving all parties time. Consumers can even submit a snapshot of their request to a live call center to a live agent with omnichannel call center software while they are on the phone at the same time.

It’s a no brainer— the activities that will enrich the overall customer experience must be automated. Thereby, time-saving which is a huge win for all.

Chatbots can handle conversations on social media

Instead of having customers raise social media concerns, offer them communication choices instead to get instant support. Instead of going back and forth via mail, Millennials would like to message you on social media platforms. To get a response back, it’s a conversational way to get things done without a two-day turnaround. In addition to instantly creating social media notifications to customers, chatbots can provide customer service assistance round the clock and assist with marketing activities. Facebook bots can do stuff like enable the customers to make an appointment instantly or test a shipment’s status immediately.

Ai Chatbot – helping hand for live agents.

A live agent is necessary in cases that are more emotionally charged (often when the person has had a negative experience). A live agent should also address complex questions. But a bot can still be used even when a live agent is at work! AI chatbot can provide an employee with real-time data, including knowledge about the consumer and a summary of all that has occurred so far. With this information at their disposal, it’s easy for agents to leap into the discussion, seize control, and be incredibly helpful.

Bots + People are the best of both worlds

A fusion of technology and human touch is the best solution. People want experiences with customer service to feel human! However, AI can add value by storing and analyzing customer behavior and giving it to an agent resulting in better customer service. That’s the intention!

Here’s a perfect example: a consumer calls a business seeking assistance with a product they purchased online, an automatic solution confirms their request for help and sends a response e-mail with a summary of the order, an AI Chatbot sends an instant message asking them how long it will take before they receive a reply, and then a live person approaches the customer using their chosen method. Automation sets expectations and maintains them, while the quality of service provided by the live agent is the opportunity to make an impression. The consumer gets a report after the meeting, offering him/her the opportunity to provide input and probably demanding another official follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.

Coordinating all activities across platforms and departments offers a seamless experience for consumers. It’s time to upgrade if your current platform isn’t clever, simple to use, and well built. Max, the virtual assistant to Knowmax, utilizes both AI and ML data models to improve a contact center user’s function through maximizing efficiency while sacrificing quality and, most importantly, human touch. And that’s the very CX that your business needs to stand apart from the market.


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