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Knowmax is single and unified platform for creation, curation, distribution, and presentation of organizational knowledge. With advent of technology, digital platforms have become the buzz of the town. Bold360 does essentially provide assistance and knowledge circulation but Knowmax outshines them with one place to start and settle all dust within seconds using the power of AI bots and experts who curate knowledge just in accordance with brand and process being handled making customization easy and assistance training even easier.

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Why is Knowmax a perfect Bold 360 alternative?


Bold 360

Knowledge management

Knowmax lays a concrete ground from gathering to processing of raw data into final knowledge. This can then be used for training internally and communicating externally.

Knowledge management should essentially focus on presentation of knowledge using tools and modules that make information easy to search and grasp when needed.

Agent training

Knowmax specializes in training agents with LMS and QMS kits under trainers and coaches keeping a regular check at their skills. The training is carried out in depth about the processes.

Providing agents with an ocean of knowledge cannot be the only goal. Bol360 provides knowledge but training is essential to know how to read and communicate correctly.

Customer support

Customers are extremely impatient while dealing with an issue. Human assistance helps them to calm and get reassured about their problems being solved by experts.

Highly robotic digital assistance at times makes customers uncomfortable as it lacks soft skills. This can even result in customer churn as some issues require human supervision.

UI appearance

When a user visits your Knowmax powered self service or digital support platforms, it is easy for them to merely type in query, find answer, and implement it under guidance.

A critical appearance and outdated UI throws off your visitor even before they could feel engaged. Bold360 stands at a major disadvantage owing to absence of productivity.

User experience

Customers usually do not pay attention to nature of problem and require instant solution. Good knowledge base is concrete and automated preventing negative impression

Absence of proper and secure solutions in an outdated layout does no good and further drives away consumers. This is a negative user experience and needs amends at all levels.


Knowmax is knowledge management platform that helps an organization’s resources be put over a single place and integrate content so generated at all platforms.

Bold360 provides computerized solutions and trained bots but knowledge base they use have to be either outsourced or created time and again thus resulting in work multiplication.

Knowledge distribution

Knowmax enables knowledge distribution over all channels. Admins decide before publishing in regards with who can view the content. Knowledge circulation is both external and internal.

Bold360 shows an expertise on generating CX over AI, bots, and everything digital but base of successful CX is to know where to target the expertise instead of just circulating it out in the open.


Knowmax has a flexible pricing model. While firms and their scale of operations would differ, it is important to have a package that focuses on needs and finances of the firm.

Bold360 has a well stretched range of automated and AI solutions. Though this is not all any firm wants, the price charged is exorbitant beating the returns generated.

Reasons for Knowmax’s superiority over Bold360

Our modules

Knowledge Base

Knowmax has a concrete knowledge base and the team of product and subject matter experts who indulge personally from analysing factors to generating and distributing knowledge resulting therefrom. Such a strong base helps in generating best updates for agents and self servers.

Visual how-to Guides

Visual guides comprehends with retention capacity of human brain. This is the prime reason for its widely gained acceptance amid agents. Visual guides pin point entire solution reducing it to a couple of steps and can be delivered over mobile, wearable, and all smart devices.

Articles and FAQs

Oldest yet best form of knowledge delivery is through articles & FAQs. Train agents about in-depth knowledge on any topic & multiple knowledge sources can be integrated in form of tools & attachments. A wide range of template choice makes it fit to present brand tone as well.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality helps in connecting through spaces from within gaps of distances using the marvels of AI, sensors, camera, screen sharing, and display. While it provides solution on a real time basis, it also secures strong grounds for better CX and CSAT scores.

Learning management

Agents are the heart and soul to any contact center. Knowmax has a full fledged training program under expert supervision divided by coaches. Divided up in chapters, judged by quizzes and tests, agents have hands on at specialised training about product and process delivering proper solutions.

Decision Trees

A flowchart of solutions leading the agents not just to the solution but giving a wide angle view of entire issue and all possible circumstances in a guided workflow helps agents arrive to quick solutions by using probability and deniability of an action from taking place.


Contact center

All organizations need customer support and a long scale operation that needs to be carried out from a single place. Contact centers thus serve needs of customers by solving their queries and helping them implement solutions quickly. Solutions are distributed both in form of human and digital assistance.


Field agents have to make physical visits to their clients. They have to have make sure of delivering proper solution in proper time. This involves use of office backend integration, knowledge base accessibility and updated software and equipment to put all pieces of puzzle quickly together.

Mobile App

Companies today have to have a foot over internet and keep control over any material that is published online. Using self service platforms integrated with mobile app, an organization makes it feasible for their customers to be able to connect with them at a personal level while resolving their issues.


It is essential for a brand to have a website as a face for its brand image. Whether to surf, shop, or land, a customer’s first point of contact is website which is why the knowledge base integrated with it is regularly updated and supervised by Knowmax’s team of experts ensuring responses with better FCR.


Primary reason for bot deployment is financial savings and increased outputs with monitoring and control to read reports and draw user behaviour. Use of NLP helps bots to connect with customers in their tone of comfort and AI sensibility drafts problem statement supplemented with answers needed.

Social Media

Social media does not only makes a statement on market dominance but also allows direct contact of an organization’s clients to that of its competitors. Integrating each possible touch point with consistent and updated knowledge base helps customers with speedy resolution and reinstates their brand loyalty.


Knowmax operates at a global level. This facilitates quick and stable communication with a golden lining. Your message gets its origination and destination marked by need, channel, and media. It brings all franchises in sync with cloud accessibility while keeping their cultural uniqueness intact.


AI based intent

Agents have tight work & time deadlines essential to be fulfilled alongside quality work produce. AI-based intent identification by Knowmax picks up the keywords from tickets as soon as a complaint is received & lists all information ready for omnichannel distribution.

Ease of content creation

Knowmax believes in liberty of thoughts. Content generation is a creative yet responsible work. Features like font, media, editing tools, etc are thus must. Anyone authorized by the admin can create, read, delete, distribute, and filter the content over process dashboard.


Organizations today should essentially have a vision for their digital journey. It requires a lot of brainstorming to be accurate in the world of trends and reactions. Knowmax has a standing team of experts for handling your digital migration by close evaluation and thorough research.

Intense search

Our Google like elastic search results helps users and agents to read within the documents. All a user has to do is to write the relevant answer phrase or figures in search bar and our crawler will, within no time, go through all documents and lead users directly to the answer being hunted for.

Interactive solutions

Problems tend to make customers lose patience and agents lose their cool. Interactive solutions like simplified decision trees or intuitive knowledge base by Knowmax can be integrated over all touch points and makes understanding, explaining, and retention of solutions better.

Easy communication

Self service platforms might seem like ‘DIY help desks’ for visitors, it actually is a mode of indirect communication between organization and its customers. With straight and simple knowledge, each transaction between agents and customers is evaluated mending loopholes if any.

Feedback management

An extensive research is done and random samples taken from agent and automated assistance. Each conversation is studied to see a pattern of expected v/s delivered by the experts. Feedbacks and analysis so achieved are then used to train agents and bots into better service quality.

Interlink modules

Agents and field experts require concrete and consistent knowledge base. When a knowledge form created is complex, interlinking of modules helps presenting simplified solutions. Decision trees, bots, or visual guides can be integrated at any point in the knowledge making it easy to grasp.

Contact center aid

A good knowledge base proves to be the perfect kit for a contact center workforce. It assists them right from training through onboarding and operations via LMS, CMS, etc. A compact knowledge base can be disseminated at all platforms thus helping with proper solutions and deflected tickets.

Omnichannel integration

Knowmax has a ready repository of solutions for over 18k+ devices. Any content generated is stored in its cloud repository thus being accessible to all permitted parties both internally and externally from organization’s environment. Data is thus circulated as actionable insight.

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